How to redeem a promo code on Blackberry world and Google play store

Today i will be sharing with you steps to redeeming a promo code on Blackberry world for series 10 and also on Google play store for androids.
Promo codes are usually given for different apps especially applications that you have to pay for before you are permitted to download it, so using a promo code means its free as you do not have to pay for it,only just have to redeem or get the app via the promo code.


Tips on how to make your phone more secure

Your smartphone is very important and precious to you than your keys or shoes. its more precious to some to an extent than PCs when it comes to sensitive information, but despite that fact some feel its not that necessary protecting their phone and some people just feel having a four or six digit password is enough,well to me its more than that.
With different reports of stolen phones in different city and country across the world i do not think its a good idea not securing your phone well enough.


Simple tips to look out for when buying a phone

Most people visit stores, online buying websites, when getting a new phone without even trying to get specs or let me say adequate information about the type of phone they are buying or the phones capabilities like how durable, strong or efficient it is.
             I have seen people around me buying phones all because they have or know someone who bought it and they see its good in their eyes or because a phone has an unimaginable design  which caught their attention and hence conclude the phone must be good phone. 

Of course its good for a phone to be well designed to get customers attention its one of the attributes too but thats not all it,however some phones are so much well designed but do not have what it takes like durability, specs which includes best mobile carrier, broad bands, etc.

Many have ended up disappointed and bad feeling they lavished their money on a phone they thought would have given them the best but did not.So to avoid all this or regret of any kind i ll be sharing with you top tips to look out for when buying a phone.
There are some stores or carriers which offers some days of free trial usage should in case anything happens you can return it.
Below are some of the tips to look out for within the days of usage to be sure you bought what you want and love.

Tips to  look out for when buying a phone:

1. Try to make findings about the best carriers,make sure you ask around about the carrier which has the best network coverage and call quality for your phone. In different countries coverage and call quality usually vary between the mobile carriers and as such making good findings about various carriers available will tell you which is best. so ask neighbors, friends, co workers about the best coverage in the area where you live, work, or travel to.

2. The battery life is very important, you have to pay much attention to battery life. A phone with no good or strong battery life is a dead phone which makes it no phone at all, so try to look out for a continuous talk time rate for a phone which simply means not getting to charge your phone for every hour for a whole day while making use of it especially for calls.

3. Make sure the speaker is tested, make calls with the phone and be sure that voices come through the speaker loud and clear enough.

4. Take a hands off approach while driving. Receiving calls while driving is a serious road offense which does not obey traffic rules at all but in some states they require one to use a hands free kit in your car. look for independent speaker voice commands so you do not touch the phone if you want to dial, or get a phone with Bluetooth wireless capabilities. A good phone should have all these specs.

5. Keep an eye out on plans made as base plans made may not include email access, messaging, picture messaging or calls in rural areas. so make sure all necessary things are included when making plans 

6. Check shops for specs but buy online. endeavor to always visit stores to check out a phone specs like keypads,screens,speakers. But check carriers on independent retailers and websites like amazon.com for online deals once you have concluded on a product. although some people do not like to buy things online as they prefer going to stores to get it is best for them, its all good still but make sure the store you buying it from is a well known and registered store with warranty assurance should in case anything happens to the phone within the warranted time it can be returned 

7. Make sure the phone has the right required bands for any trip if possible all like the 800/850 1900 1800mhz bands and the rest as you do not  have to worry when traveling to any country or state provided the bands available in each specific country is what you have. for example in countries like the US or between US cities both 850 and 1900Mhz is required for best coverage, and if you the type that travels very well a phone with 1800mhz is required, for rural areas in some countries an analog band will be best.

8. Most carriers offer few days trial period just like i mentioned earlier on,should in case the phone develops any fault it can be returned.within this period make sure you use the phone heavily when you buy it. If i say heavily it means using it very well while handling with care, explore the phone but handle with care and not anyhow and if anything happens to it or disturbs you about the phone like battery problems, muted sound or any issue feel free to return it
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Pain and what comes after it--Gain

Nowadays what most people care about is money,wealth,riches,fame,and how to gain looking for a strategy to do it without experiencing pain, well i do not think so.
               A life without pain is like a perfect life, true but however far from it as we know that a perfect like is never possible. Just like a life would mean nothing without death , pleasure, riches,fame,glory, means nothing without pain. 

There is no gain without loss simply i did say that one cant proceed in life without experiencing pain along the way.Dreams,ambition,work,school, relationship and every aspect our life require making sacrifices to gain.

              Pain is an unpleasant human emotion,some dictionaries define pain as a noun with two different meanings, the first defining pain as the physical feeling caused by injury,disease or something that hurts the body, the second stating pain as a mental or emotional suffering.The definition for pain is indefinite, as it tells us what causes but does not tell us what pain feels like.
Pain is one of the realities of life be it physical or emotional as we cant just run away from it, so many people believe gain can be achieved without experiencing pain, i doubt that fact. 
              In life one has to endure so much in order to achieve a goal be it socially or material needs desired by people.You have to go through pain to make yourself heard,famous,accomplish your dreams making pain inescapable. For example here is a common type of pain, when one is been underrated or mistreated by people friends around you or boss at work place, or a person labelled a loser it makes a kind of feeling that I CAN DO IT and makes one work very hard  than before making ones goal achievable and be acknowledged by people around you and by everyone who has thought less of you.

Pain most times gets people motivated, as without motivation one cant withstand the so harsh and cruel road to glory.Most rich and influential people of all time have gone through a lot of pain to earn the glory they now have which is the gain in pain.They all were just normal people but with pain experienced and motivation gotten along the way they got stronger and determined, survived the hard way and climbed to success.

There are so many examples of people who have gone through pain just like in  the HOLY BIBLE we have read about people like Joseph, Moses,David etc who had their trauma and went through a lot of pain but became exceedingly great.
                Another good example is Nelson Mandela(R.I.P), everyone knows him in the world today. He was a great man who once lived and greatly experienced pain until one day everything changed suddenly and he became one of the greatest man in human history. 

Of all the different types of pain,no matter who you are pain tends to change one in a way or the other, so many people have experienced pain and changed for bad and so many good too. Different examples are shown to us in movies, cartoons, music what pain is capable of doing to one,but i believe pain is a motivation to becoming great and successful gaining at the end.
 Whichever way it is, pain should make us strive hard and become great and not change us otherwise as their are good examples of people in the world and around us whom pain has changed their lives for the best.
                Without pain there is no gain as such we cant run away from it as we have to face it.
As a matter of fact I have realized that the road to happiness is full of sadness, as such experiencing pain gives us strength and courage to Gain and hence make our dreams come true

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A Better life with modern Technology

               Everyone knows what Technology is. I would say in its simplest terms is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose i.e lets say machinery and equipment developed from scientific knowledge application or scientific knowledge in design, production, and utilization of goods and services.Technology is relatively used and important in every field aspect.

 I could remember when i was young things were not that easy as everything seems now with technology. 
Though technology was at hand then and has always been but was not as super cool as it is now for example as at then not everyone had a phone to contact far away friends, even some countries do not even have a phone,the only easiest and best way was to go to a post office and send mail to your beloved ones. 

There was nothing like washing machine or laptops or social media networks or fast internet servers and the likes,the internet speed used to be slow, not very fine cars which seem awesome to us unlike now,very huge computers that is immobile as they are too heavy unlike now when we have super slim fast computers and laptops that are mobile i.e carried about easily. A vast change in technology nowadays has made it a better place for us all.  
             With modern Technology things have just been better, life is much easier with social media networks around us for better communication with gadgets like smartphones, androids, tablets making it so much faster easier and better to disseminate information.With equipment such as microwave which can be used to warm your food rather than using stove is much way better, dish washers which washes plates automatically, invention of gas cooker, electric stove kettle and so much more useful equipment for daily use to ease stress.
                   Modern Technology has changed peoples lives making it better and ease stress, there are superb refrigerators, AC's, super fast cars, social media networks which could even permit people like me to share my view and thoughts to the world and not keeping them to myself.Now people live in an environment where technology could do everything for them.
                  Modern Technology has even aided a very good communication. Communication has gotten a lot better and effective with the help of laptops, and different gadgets as students can show a better communication skill with their teachers through latest technology such as projectors, power point slides, videos etc.

Although technology has its flaws too as not everyone can afford the gadgets as they are expensive like laptops, home theater, refrigerators etc. It has also created diversity in employment as nowadays without having a degree or certificate getting a better job seems impossible and likely for uneducated people its a problem .It has also constituted a threat to health such as cancer, blurred vision and the likes caused by emission of radiation through some of this equipment like laptops microwaves etc.
                  But i do believe that every single equipment gadget of any kind manufactured always have their cautions and warnings,even to live in this world you have to abide by its rules,there's nothing done in this life without rules,so i believe following them theirs no problem at all.The advantages are so much more than the disadvantages.
 Still modern technology is trying to make things better as their are several technical schools created to enlighten those who cant afford to go to  the university,polytechnic or colleges so they do not be left out, it has also made sure that if not all most of the equipment, gadget produced are affordable so everyone can enjoy and not be left out of its great benefits making life a better place for us all.

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Latest Updated tips for Whatsapp

Latest updated tips for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most popular personal chatting messenger, and have always loved to satisfy its users by keeping them engrossed with new features as different updates arrive. So now i will be sharing with you tips and tricks of the latest Whatsapp. To get it you can download it from GooglePlaystore or from the official Whatsapp website.  Here are some of the latest tips for Whatsapp.

Latest features for Whatsapp 

1. Messages now can be marked as unread: You can now mark the Whatsapp message as unread after reading them. To do this, simply go back to the main menu after reading, long press on the persons name and an option pops up, then mark as unread likewise without viewing the Whatsapp message it can be marked as read too. This particular feature is very useful as messages read can be marked as unread for important purposes like reading again or references.
NOTE: The mark as unread will not change the status as it will be seen and shown as read from the senders phone.
2. Low data consumption in voice call: We all love to make voice call as sometimes some of us prefer it than phone call due to airtime data charge rate but still some are concerned also about the data charges as it consumes data a lot. well not to worry at all the new feature is very okay, as Whatsapp relatively compresses voice call and data consumption making the rate of data charge less. To activate it simply go to settings>chat and call settings>call settings. for Blackberry 10 users go to settings>media settings>call settings so you will see low data usage then turn it on

3. Mute notification for individual contacts: I personally love this aspect as it helps prevent unwanted notifications and unwanted message reading as you can chose to ignore. With this feature notification can be muted,and to simply do that all you just have to do is to click on the contacts tab with the option seen click on the mute chat option for whosoever you wish. When you click on the mute button you also see options like mute for 8 hours, 1 week, 1year so you may chose the one that suits you giving you more freedom to do as you please.

4. Theme changing: Theme on Whatsapp can now be changed yes it can as you do not need to have the same theme on Whatsapp all the time which has the option to change to whichever you like which is either light or dark. To do this simply go to settings>advanced settings>then click on color theme chose as deemed fit to you out of the two.

5. Changing of wallpaper: I really must say, Whatsapp have just been superb, this feature allows you to change wallpapers as you want as their are options to choose from you media, gallery, use no wallpaper at all or select the default. To do this go to settings>click on media settings> then you see an option for wallpaper then you select whichever suits you.

Will keep up with more new tips and technical tricks, so do not forget to keep checking always. Cheers
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The fruit Dates and its great importance

Hello people i will be sharing a very useful daily tips in health about a fruit called Dates. 
               I am not a Doctor but i have got some experiences on health tips due to my past experience and even currently.
So i believe sharing this vital information is necessary as thats what im aimed at doing to people as well as what the blog is meant for.

How to Install and use Whatsapp on PC

Hi everyone, today i be sharing with you another good tips and you all will be loving it. Its about how Whatsapp messenger can be installed and used on your PC .Of course everyone knows what whatsapp is and how its used. 
            Whatsapp is one of the top most efficient leading chat messenger which most's of us use on our android tablet smartphones iOS and other mobile phones.         


Efficient tips to increase mobile battery life

For phone lovers especially smartphone and android users i have got some efficient tested and working tips which saves battery consumption and increases mobile battery life.


  Mobile phones are widely used in our daily life as we all cant do without them just like we cant do without eating or sleeping in day. We simply use these gadgets for getting connected with others quickly to share our thoughts,chat, pass information of any kind and so much more.
             Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are planning to work with their battery backup as
everyone knows that smartphones do not give long stand if the usage is more. Lets assume if you are surfing the internet or you a kind of game freak person then its obvious your battery will be drained so quick and fast.             

If this continues to happen also it constantly diminishes the life of battery as it does not last long. So if you looking for some best tips and tricks to boost your smartphones battery life then you have reached the right page. In other words,to increase your battery life i have got some good efficient and working tips for you. By following the steps below it will surely increase the battery life of your smartphone.

 1. Reduce/Minimize usage: Yes most of us loves to keep our phones working all the time as we love to surf the net and love to be updated at all times. But anyhow it is just try to minimize the use whenever the specific application is not required i.e try to uninstall any app that you are not using and also always close apps that are still  running in the background after usage or change their mode of operation by going to their permission settings as their are always some apps always running underground even when you are not using them.

2. Reduce Brightness: By reducing the brightness, the smartphone consumes less power than its in a full brightened mode. To increase your battery life, just change your brightness level into a minimum mode or a low mode but at least visible enough to operate on your smartphone.

3. Connectivity: Always turn off your connectivity services, if its on without any necessary purpose. This includes your Bluetooth, WIFI, Data connection. Among other things 4G and 3G consumes much more power turn it off always whenever its not in use.It will surely make your battery last long.

4.Usage of 3rd Party Apps: Installation of third party apps is also essential for increasing your battery life which will always notify you how your battery is  exactly been consumed. In this case i would advice we always go for Battery Doctor which is one of the best application for increase in battery life. It is also compatible for all major mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Battery Doctor also notifies with exact current and left power level.

5. Turn Off Location Service: Some latest smartphones have this feature such as BlackBerry 10 devices, iPhones, Samsung etc which allows you to send the users location for GPS and some other purposes like when tracking a lost or stolen phone. It is a very good specs but consumes a lot of battery power, always try to turn it off when you do not need it.

This effective tips i provide you should and will work and help boost your mobile battery's life.
Kindly share and ll keep posting more useful daily tech tips and tricks so do not go away and always visit

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How to Setup Parental Control on Child’s Mobile Phone

            This is the 21st Century its no surprise with how the world has changed with Technology, Gadgets, Science and the likes. I ll be sharing with you today how a parental control can be setup on our kids mobile phone.Looking at the usage of mobile phones by our kids currently and the increase in so many unwanted materials on internet which forces parents to setup parental controls on kids devices which is not an option anymore.
It is a must and need for parents of this age, with so many factors involved which includes the threats cyberworld,immaturity of kids,attractions of digital space,unrestricted access and much more

Its really not easy for parents letting their kids become friends with strangers because of so much risk and danger hence move to the digital route to protect their kids not only in the cyber world but in real world too. In this aspect, digital controls are proved to be the digital solution that helps them. So if you did like to setup parental controls on your childs  mobile phone device,now would be a good time as im about to share three simple steps you need to follow:

Setup Parental Control on Child's Mobile

 Step 1. Select what is best for you

 Fortunately you will have plenty options and many apps to achieve parental control. You can pick any app that goes well with your demands. There are many that can help you with monitoring, but the one most recommended by parents is FamilyTime parental app. The added advantage of the app is the control that empowers parents to take control over your kids’ device use.
The app has a list of features that lets parents

  • Mirror Contacts
  • View call logs
  • Watchlist Contacts
  • View Installed Apps
  • Monitor Usage Frequency
  • Blacklist Apps
  • Monitor Internet Usage & Web-History Tracking
  • Monitoring Bookmarks
  • Remotely Lock Phone
  • Receive PickMeUp and panic alerts
  • Track locations
  • Trace location history
  • Geo-fence place
 This application is available not only for Android but also for iOS, and kindle devices. You can download the app for free from your phone’s store or in a jiffy bellow:

Step 2. Install suggested application

Not necessarily you have to use the application suggested. Just thought its necessary i share it with you.So be free and do whatever suits you. After you pick the option that suits you, install the app on your phone and configure all required settings. In case you select FamilyTime, the app allows you to select what logs should the app record and what not. To do that, you have to first pair up your FamilyTime app with the child’s device.

 Step 3. Pair your child’s device with app
There's a need for you to get a child version, which needs to be installed on your kids mobile device and simply pair it with your phone. The pairing enables data visibility and effective controls. Also Family Time lets kids connect with you in case of emergencies. They can also send you PickMeUp alerts so you can get to know wherever they are. I guess these three simple are much very easy, if performed in time can save you and your kids from lots of hassles. So dont waste any more time and protect your kids with this useful information i provide you all. Our kids are very important to us and as such parents need to be alert at all times and shouldnt be carefree for their kids. so just download now and start using. 

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A Free VPN App That Compress Videos, Data & Lots More ;Download Opera Max

Today i ll be sharing with you people a great deal of some important tech tips i came across. 
             For people who loves streaming online especially on high quality sites like Netflix, Youtube and the likes, the Opera company has introduced a new browser called Opera Max.

           Opera Max is free Vpn  that allows android users save and manage data while streaming videos, music and viewing large photos through mobile and WIFI connection.Opera Max extends your data plan, gives you an unimaginable control over your phones data consumption and most importantly saves a great deal of data. This data saving and data management app saves up to 50% data usage on 3G/4G/LTE and WIFI too.


 How it works?

>>It Saves data by compressing videos, photos and media in your favorite apps and websites over mobile and Wi-Fi networks - without any noticeable loss of quality

Which means that you can stream more Youtube, Netflix etc with less data without any loss of quality.

>>It saves battery and data by allowing you to block any apps running in the background without your knowledge. You can also use it as your Wi-Fi manager, for better control of what your apps do in the background when on Wi-Fi.

>>It monitors and control your internet usage on all apps… You want to know more then you need to download it.

Where Can I download it?

Download it from Playstore here
You all should download it, and have fun with it because, i am currently using it and enjoying every bit of it.
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