How to Setup Parental Control on Child’s Mobile Phone

            This is the 21st Century its no surprise with how the world has changed with Technology, Gadgets, Science and the likes. I ll be sharing with you today how a parental control can be setup on our kids mobile phone.Looking at the usage of mobile phones by our kids currently and the increase in so many unwanted materials on internet which forces parents to setup parental controls on kids devices which is not an option anymore.
It is a must and need for parents of this age, with so many factors involved which includes the threats cyberworld,immaturity of kids,attractions of digital space,unrestricted access and much more

Its really not easy for parents letting their kids become friends with strangers because of so much risk and danger hence move to the digital route to protect their kids not only in the cyber world but in real world too. In this aspect, digital controls are proved to be the digital solution that helps them. So if you did like to setup parental controls on your childs  mobile phone device,now would be a good time as im about to share three simple steps you need to follow:

Setup Parental Control on Child's Mobile

 Step 1. Select what is best for you

 Fortunately you will have plenty options and many apps to achieve parental control. You can pick any app that goes well with your demands. There are many that can help you with monitoring, but the one most recommended by parents is FamilyTime parental app. The added advantage of the app is the control that empowers parents to take control over your kids’ device use.
The app has a list of features that lets parents

  • Mirror Contacts
  • View call logs
  • Watchlist Contacts
  • View Installed Apps
  • Monitor Usage Frequency
  • Blacklist Apps
  • Monitor Internet Usage & Web-History Tracking
  • Monitoring Bookmarks
  • Remotely Lock Phone
  • Receive PickMeUp and panic alerts
  • Track locations
  • Trace location history
  • Geo-fence place
 This application is available not only for Android but also for iOS, and kindle devices. You can download the app for free from your phone’s store or in a jiffy bellow:

Step 2. Install suggested application

Not necessarily you have to use the application suggested. Just thought its necessary i share it with you.So be free and do whatever suits you. After you pick the option that suits you, install the app on your phone and configure all required settings. In case you select FamilyTime, the app allows you to select what logs should the app record and what not. To do that, you have to first pair up your FamilyTime app with the child’s device.

 Step 3. Pair your child’s device with app
There's a need for you to get a child version, which needs to be installed on your kids mobile device and simply pair it with your phone. The pairing enables data visibility and effective controls. Also Family Time lets kids connect with you in case of emergencies. They can also send you PickMeUp alerts so you can get to know wherever they are. I guess these three simple are much very easy, if performed in time can save you and your kids from lots of hassles. So dont waste any more time and protect your kids with this useful information i provide you all. Our kids are very important to us and as such parents need to be alert at all times and shouldnt be carefree for their kids. so just download now and start using. Registered & Protected 

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  1. I think that the best parental contol app now is Kidslox. I tried many, but this one gives me a feeling of assuarence that my kid is in safety. It works without glitches and the price is very loyal. Once I contacted their support team and was very pleased, they helped very quickly and professionally. The UI and UX are great.