Efficient tips to increase mobile battery life

For phone lovers especially smartphone and android users i have got some efficient tested and working tips which saves battery consumption and increases mobile battery life.


  Mobile phones are widely used in our daily life as we all cant do without them just like we cant do without eating or sleeping in day. We simply use these gadgets for getting connected with others quickly to share our thoughts,chat, pass information of any kind and so much more.
             Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are planning to work with their battery backup as
everyone knows that smartphones do not give long stand if the usage is more. Lets assume if you are surfing the internet or you a kind of game freak person then its obvious your battery will be drained so quick and fast.             

If this continues to happen also it constantly diminishes the life of battery as it does not last long. So if you looking for some best tips and tricks to boost your smartphones battery life then you have reached the right page. In other words,to increase your battery life i have got some good efficient and working tips for you. By following the steps below it will surely increase the battery life of your smartphone.

 1. Reduce/Minimize usage: Yes most of us loves to keep our phones working all the time as we love to surf the net and love to be updated at all times. But anyhow it is just try to minimize the use whenever the specific application is not required i.e try to uninstall any app that you are not using and also always close apps that are still  running in the background after usage or change their mode of operation by going to their permission settings as their are always some apps always running underground even when you are not using them.

2. Reduce Brightness: By reducing the brightness, the smartphone consumes less power than its in a full brightened mode. To increase your battery life, just change your brightness level into a minimum mode or a low mode but at least visible enough to operate on your smartphone.

3. Connectivity: Always turn off your connectivity services, if its on without any necessary purpose. This includes your Bluetooth, WIFI, Data connection. Among other things 4G and 3G consumes much more power turn it off always whenever its not in use.It will surely make your battery last long.

4.Usage of 3rd Party Apps: Installation of third party apps is also essential for increasing your battery life which will always notify you how your battery is  exactly been consumed. In this case i would advice we always go for Battery Doctor which is one of the best application for increase in battery life. It is also compatible for all major mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Battery Doctor also notifies with exact current and left power level.

5. Turn Off Location Service: Some latest smartphones have this feature such as BlackBerry 10 devices, iPhones, Samsung etc which allows you to send the users location for GPS and some other purposes like when tracking a lost or stolen phone. It is a very good specs but consumes a lot of battery power, always try to turn it off when you do not need it.

This effective tips i provide you should and will work and help boost your mobile battery's life.
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