How to Install and use Whatsapp on PC

Hi everyone, today i be sharing with you another good tips and you all will be loving it. Its about how Whatsapp messenger can be installed and used on your PC .Of course everyone knows what whatsapp is and how its used. 
            Whatsapp is one of the top most efficient leading chat messenger which most's of us use on our android tablet smartphones iOS and other mobile phones.         

   In my own way i would say Whatsapp is the best chat messenger currently with over 900million users. Thats a lot for a chat messenger. Some of us do believe that Whatsapp can not be used on our PC, well the answer is No as i ll show you how to install and make use of it. Is it that you do not have a smartphone? No data package on your phone? You do not like the mobile speed chat as it is slow? or does your mobile phone hangs every now and then because of the so many chat history/messages or heavy data?

Here are some tips on how Whatsapp can be installed and used on your PC

 Install Whatsapp using Bluestacks on your Computer

1. Download free Bluestacks android emulator and install  

 2.On Bluestacks homepage,click search icon on top right corner
 3.Then search for Whatsapp from the application list

 4.Click install button 

 5.Run the application in Bluestacks once it is installed

 6.Enter phone number when required

 7.Whatsapp will try to confirm phone number in Bluestacks but will fail, do not worry about it as 
 you ll be asked to verify

 8.A six digit code will be sent to your mobile phone as usual then enter the six digit code to verify

9.Once its verified you can now use Whatsapp messenger on your PC  

NOTE;Here are some facts about Bluestacks to operate properly on your PC
 It works on Windows 7,8,XP,and Vista as well as Mac system
Bluestacks needs a durable computer with a high RAM and preferably a suitable graphic card to run apps smoothly Registered & Protected 

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