Latest Updated tips for Whatsapp

Latest updated tips for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most popular personal chatting messenger, and have always loved to satisfy its users by keeping them engrossed with new features as different updates arrive. So now i will be sharing with you tips and tricks of the latest Whatsapp. To get it you can download it from GooglePlaystore or from the official Whatsapp website.  Here are some of the latest tips for Whatsapp.

Latest features for Whatsapp 

1. Messages now can be marked as unread: You can now mark the Whatsapp message as unread after reading them. To do this, simply go back to the main menu after reading, long press on the persons name and an option pops up, then mark as unread likewise without viewing the Whatsapp message it can be marked as read too. This particular feature is very useful as messages read can be marked as unread for important purposes like reading again or references.
NOTE: The mark as unread will not change the status as it will be seen and shown as read from the senders phone.
2. Low data consumption in voice call: We all love to make voice call as sometimes some of us prefer it than phone call due to airtime data charge rate but still some are concerned also about the data charges as it consumes data a lot. well not to worry at all the new feature is very okay, as Whatsapp relatively compresses voice call and data consumption making the rate of data charge less. To activate it simply go to settings>chat and call settings>call settings. for Blackberry 10 users go to settings>media settings>call settings so you will see low data usage then turn it on

3. Mute notification for individual contacts: I personally love this aspect as it helps prevent unwanted notifications and unwanted message reading as you can chose to ignore. With this feature notification can be muted,and to simply do that all you just have to do is to click on the contacts tab with the option seen click on the mute chat option for whosoever you wish. When you click on the mute button you also see options like mute for 8 hours, 1 week, 1year so you may chose the one that suits you giving you more freedom to do as you please.

4. Theme changing: Theme on Whatsapp can now be changed yes it can as you do not need to have the same theme on Whatsapp all the time which has the option to change to whichever you like which is either light or dark. To do this simply go to settings>advanced settings>then click on color theme chose as deemed fit to you out of the two.

5. Changing of wallpaper: I really must say, Whatsapp have just been superb, this feature allows you to change wallpapers as you want as their are options to choose from you media, gallery, use no wallpaper at all or select the default. To do this go to settings>click on media settings> then you see an option for wallpaper then you select whichever suits you.

Will keep up with more new tips and technical tricks, so do not forget to keep checking always. Cheers Registered & Protected 

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