A Better life with modern Technology

               Everyone knows what Technology is. I would say in its simplest terms is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose i.e lets say machinery and equipment developed from scientific knowledge application or scientific knowledge in design, production, and utilization of goods and services.Technology is relatively used and important in every field aspect.

 I could remember when i was young things were not that easy as everything seems now with technology. 
Though technology was at hand then and has always been but was not as super cool as it is now for example as at then not everyone had a phone to contact far away friends, even some countries do not even have a phone,the only easiest and best way was to go to a post office and send mail to your beloved ones. 

There was nothing like washing machine or laptops or social media networks or fast internet servers and the likes,the internet speed used to be slow, not very fine cars which seem awesome to us unlike now,very huge computers that is immobile as they are too heavy unlike now when we have super slim fast computers and laptops that are mobile i.e carried about easily. A vast change in technology nowadays has made it a better place for us all.  
             With modern Technology things have just been better, life is much easier with social media networks around us for better communication with gadgets like smartphones, androids, tablets making it so much faster easier and better to disseminate information.With equipment such as microwave which can be used to warm your food rather than using stove is much way better, dish washers which washes plates automatically, invention of gas cooker, electric stove kettle and so much more useful equipment for daily use to ease stress.
                   Modern Technology has changed peoples lives making it better and ease stress, there are superb refrigerators, AC's, super fast cars, social media networks which could even permit people like me to share my view and thoughts to the world and not keeping them to myself.Now people live in an environment where technology could do everything for them.
                  Modern Technology has even aided a very good communication. Communication has gotten a lot better and effective with the help of laptops, and different gadgets as students can show a better communication skill with their teachers through latest technology such as projectors, power point slides, videos etc.

Although technology has its flaws too as not everyone can afford the gadgets as they are expensive like laptops, home theater, refrigerators etc. It has also created diversity in employment as nowadays without having a degree or certificate getting a better job seems impossible and likely for uneducated people its a problem .It has also constituted a threat to health such as cancer, blurred vision and the likes caused by emission of radiation through some of this equipment like laptops microwaves etc.
                  But i do believe that every single equipment gadget of any kind manufactured always have their cautions and warnings,even to live in this world you have to abide by its rules,there's nothing done in this life without rules,so i believe following them theirs no problem at all.The advantages are so much more than the disadvantages.
 Still modern technology is trying to make things better as their are several technical schools created to enlighten those who cant afford to go to  the university,polytechnic or colleges so they do not be left out, it has also made sure that if not all most of the equipment, gadget produced are affordable so everyone can enjoy and not be left out of its great benefits making life a better place for us all.

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