Pain and what comes after it--Gain

Nowadays what most people care about is money,wealth,riches,fame,and how to gain looking for a strategy to do it without experiencing pain, well i do not think so.
               A life without pain is like a perfect life, true but however far from it as we know that a perfect like is never possible. Just like a life would mean nothing without death , pleasure, riches,fame,glory, means nothing without pain. 

There is no gain without loss simply i did say that one cant proceed in life without experiencing pain along the way.Dreams,ambition,work,school, relationship and every aspect our life require making sacrifices to gain.

              Pain is an unpleasant human emotion,some dictionaries define pain as a noun with two different meanings, the first defining pain as the physical feeling caused by injury,disease or something that hurts the body, the second stating pain as a mental or emotional suffering.The definition for pain is indefinite, as it tells us what causes but does not tell us what pain feels like.
Pain is one of the realities of life be it physical or emotional as we cant just run away from it, so many people believe gain can be achieved without experiencing pain, i doubt that fact. 
              In life one has to endure so much in order to achieve a goal be it socially or material needs desired by people.You have to go through pain to make yourself heard,famous,accomplish your dreams making pain inescapable. For example here is a common type of pain, when one is been underrated or mistreated by people friends around you or boss at work place, or a person labelled a loser it makes a kind of feeling that I CAN DO IT and makes one work very hard  than before making ones goal achievable and be acknowledged by people around you and by everyone who has thought less of you.

Pain most times gets people motivated, as without motivation one cant withstand the so harsh and cruel road to glory.Most rich and influential people of all time have gone through a lot of pain to earn the glory they now have which is the gain in pain.They all were just normal people but with pain experienced and motivation gotten along the way they got stronger and determined, survived the hard way and climbed to success.

There are so many examples of people who have gone through pain just like in  the HOLY BIBLE we have read about people like Joseph, Moses,David etc who had their trauma and went through a lot of pain but became exceedingly great.
                Another good example is Nelson Mandela(R.I.P), everyone knows him in the world today. He was a great man who once lived and greatly experienced pain until one day everything changed suddenly and he became one of the greatest man in human history. 

Of all the different types of pain,no matter who you are pain tends to change one in a way or the other, so many people have experienced pain and changed for bad and so many good too. Different examples are shown to us in movies, cartoons, music what pain is capable of doing to one,but i believe pain is a motivation to becoming great and successful gaining at the end.
 Whichever way it is, pain should make us strive hard and become great and not change us otherwise as their are good examples of people in the world and around us whom pain has changed their lives for the best.
                Without pain there is no gain as such we cant run away from it as we have to face it.
As a matter of fact I have realized that the road to happiness is full of sadness, as such experiencing pain gives us strength and courage to Gain and hence make our dreams come true Registered & Protected 

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