Simple tips to look out for when buying a phone

Most people visit stores, online buying websites, when getting a new phone without even trying to get specs or let me say adequate information about the type of phone they are buying or the phones capabilities like how durable, strong or efficient it is.
             I have seen people around me buying phones all because they have or know someone who bought it and they see its good in their eyes or because a phone has an unimaginable design  which caught their attention and hence conclude the phone must be good phone. 

Of course its good for a phone to be well designed to get customers attention its one of the attributes too but thats not all it,however some phones are so much well designed but do not have what it takes like durability, specs which includes best mobile carrier, broad bands, etc.

Many have ended up disappointed and bad feeling they lavished their money on a phone they thought would have given them the best but did not.So to avoid all this or regret of any kind i ll be sharing with you top tips to look out for when buying a phone.
There are some stores or carriers which offers some days of free trial usage should in case anything happens you can return it.
Below are some of the tips to look out for within the days of usage to be sure you bought what you want and love.

Tips to  look out for when buying a phone:

1. Try to make findings about the best carriers,make sure you ask around about the carrier which has the best network coverage and call quality for your phone. In different countries coverage and call quality usually vary between the mobile carriers and as such making good findings about various carriers available will tell you which is best. so ask neighbors, friends, co workers about the best coverage in the area where you live, work, or travel to.

2. The battery life is very important, you have to pay much attention to battery life. A phone with no good or strong battery life is a dead phone which makes it no phone at all, so try to look out for a continuous talk time rate for a phone which simply means not getting to charge your phone for every hour for a whole day while making use of it especially for calls.

3. Make sure the speaker is tested, make calls with the phone and be sure that voices come through the speaker loud and clear enough.

4. Take a hands off approach while driving. Receiving calls while driving is a serious road offense which does not obey traffic rules at all but in some states they require one to use a hands free kit in your car. look for independent speaker voice commands so you do not touch the phone if you want to dial, or get a phone with Bluetooth wireless capabilities. A good phone should have all these specs.

5. Keep an eye out on plans made as base plans made may not include email access, messaging, picture messaging or calls in rural areas. so make sure all necessary things are included when making plans 

6. Check shops for specs but buy online. endeavor to always visit stores to check out a phone specs like keypads,screens,speakers. But check carriers on independent retailers and websites like for online deals once you have concluded on a product. although some people do not like to buy things online as they prefer going to stores to get it is best for them, its all good still but make sure the store you buying it from is a well known and registered store with warranty assurance should in case anything happens to the phone within the warranted time it can be returned 

7. Make sure the phone has the right required bands for any trip if possible all like the 800/850 1900 1800mhz bands and the rest as you do not  have to worry when traveling to any country or state provided the bands available in each specific country is what you have. for example in countries like the US or between US cities both 850 and 1900Mhz is required for best coverage, and if you the type that travels very well a phone with 1800mhz is required, for rural areas in some countries an analog band will be best.

8. Most carriers offer few days trial period just like i mentioned earlier on,should in case the phone develops any fault it can be returned.within this period make sure you use the phone heavily when you buy it. If i say heavily it means using it very well while handling with care, explore the phone but handle with care and not anyhow and if anything happens to it or disturbs you about the phone like battery problems, muted sound or any issue feel free to return it Registered & Protected 

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