How to redeem a promo code on Blackberry world and Google play store

Today i will be sharing with you steps to redeeming a promo code on Blackberry world for series 10 and also on Google play store for androids.
Promo codes are usually given for different apps especially applications that you have to pay for before you are permitted to download it, so using a promo code means its free as you do not have to pay for it,only just have to redeem or get the app via the promo code.

Promo codes are usually given within a short period of time,its not like they last forever no they don't because if they do almost everyone will get the paid apps for free and as such they are not gaining either, and always have in mind that most of the apps that promo codes are always given to are very important apps so that's why they do not make it forever.

 Not everyone knows about promo codes and how to redeem it even I getting to know about it took a while  though its been long now. Most people do not really know about promo codes and how it works so that's why i ll be sharing this tips with you so you get to have a taste of it too, so just follow the below tips.

Google Play Store

Promo codes for apps on Google play store was just introduced earlier this year by Google. Like i said earlier on its an awesome feature which allows app developers to give out some of their well developed paid apps for free via a text base code.
 iOS already has this feature and its been a while of which most people using iphones got apps the developers freely gave away  using the promo codes to redeem them.So now that  redeeming promo codes feature are  available for androids apps too, you might be wondering how it works and how to redeem it. Here's a quick tip on how to redeem a code from both desktop and Google play store for android.

Redeeming promo codes on Google Play Store does not work like iOs, unlike iOS which you can redeem a code by going to the App store and redeeming it at the bottom, by entering it the code at the bottom and your app is installed immediately.But on Google play store you will have to navigate to the app that the promo code is for enter it and then tap to install and that's exactly how Blackberry works too.

Redeem App promo code-Desktop

visit Google play store via web, navigate to the app you want to redeem using the promo code,of course their will be a price tag on the app but do not worry about it, click the buy button and wait for the payment method selection to pop up. open the payment method drop down and there a redeem option you ll see. Click it and enter the promo code when asked to. If or once the promo code is accepted, the price tag will be seen crossed on the next screen where you ll be prompted by Google play store to select which device you installing the app on. So tap install and that is all.

Redeem App promo code-Android

Navigate to Google Play Store app on your android phone, search for the app that you want to download using the promo code.  Then you ll be prompted to click on the buy button. Instead of clicking the buy button open the price drop down menu by dragging it down with your hand and tap the redeem option. Enter the code and tap redeem. Hence the app is installed on your device.

Redeem App promo code-BlackBerry 

How to redeem a promo code on BlackBerry world and Google play store

Blackberry 10 already has the redeem promo code feature also before Google play store and its been really a while now. Just like how the Google play store works,so is for Blackberry and from the screen shot above the same applies for Google play store no much difference.

Navigate to Blackberry world and search for the app you using to redeem the app with the promo code.Likewise instead of clicking on the buy button just open the price drop down menu as seen and tap the redeem option,enter the promo code and type redeem that's it app successfully installed.

NOTE: Promo codes are not always available and when they are available for apps they do not last forever.Also promo codes is usually given once in a while so always check for available forums as most of the developers forum always have this like crackberry and blackberry forum, for blackberry and other android forums too for Google play store and same for iOS. Registered & Protected 

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