Android apps which helps prevent identity theft online

Android apps which helps prevent identity online theft

With the availability and usage of smartphones nowadays, people use them for various purposes such as for surfing the Internet, shopping online, bills payment, social media interaction as well as photography and so many other things.

Now what all this actually means is that while doing all this, a lot of sensitive data could also be found on a person's phone which could pose a security threat to one if they are not well protected. As a matter of fact, sensitive data are meant to be protected, alongside with personal information from hackers.

Smartphones apps not only helps you with a variety of everyday tasks, but can also protect your Android phones from hackers and identity theft, and also keep your personal data from falling into the wrong hands. Below are some of the best Android apps to protect you from identity theft.


Best Free Weight Loss Apps for Android

If you want to lose weight and stay fit, your smartphone may come in handy. It can help you to keep track of your calorie intake in order to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
When it comes to weight loss apps for Android, there are plenty of options available for free. These applications can help you achieve your goals by telling you what and when to eat as well as tracking your daily calorie intake. Here are 5 best free weight loss apps for Android.


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular calorie counting app that helps you keep track of your daily food and beverage intake, as well as your workout. It features over 6 million foods in a searchable database that lets you easily add your food by searching manually or with barcode scanner. 

When you first set it up, you’ll need to enter some information about yourself including your date of birth, weight and height, as well as your goal weight and how much you want to lose each week.


New Features of Android 7.0 N

New Features of Android 7.0 N

Google has released the developer preview of its upcoming Android OS version, Android N, at the Google I/O 2016 event in the San Francisco Bay Area. While it’s not the final version, this developer preview gives app makers and users some hints about what’s coming in the next version of the Android mobile OS.
There are plenty of new features introduced in Android 7.0 N, including revamped notifications, better battery life, multi-window support, and many more.
Although it’s not clear whether Android N will be named ‘Nectar’, ‘Nougat’, ‘Nutella’, or after some other sweet or dessert, but the company has revealed some of the software’s key features. Here’s a list of new features and improvement that Google has introduced in Android 7.0 N.


Google Play Store not working on your phone? Here's how to resolve the issue

We all experience different Google Play Store problem at some point or the other. The problem could occur as a result of an error message when downloading apps, or Play Store not opening at all, and sometimes it's always frustrating getting all sorts of error messages on your phone.
Most users are tired and do not know how exactly to fix this issue. Provided you follow the below tips you shouldn't have any issue about Google Play Store not working on your phone anymore.
Below are ways to make Google Play Store run smoothly on your device when it doesn't work on your Android phone.

1. Clear the Google Play Store Cache

In minor cases, you can get the Play Store running smoothly again by just clearing the cache. The cache is simply a storage area which temporarily holds data so it can be quickly retrieved without the need for reload. Clearing the cache can actually solve the problem on your phone.
Firstly, navigate to Settings > Apps > Application manager ( depends on your device though). From there scroll down and tap Clear Cache or you might have to go to Storage and then Clear Cache.
Upon completion of this, navigate to Google Play Store and see if the problem is solved, if it's not, then try any of the below tips here.


How to fix the process issue/error: com.google.process.gapps has stopped

There are mostly two error messages that affects an Android phone especially the ones running on the Android KitKat OS, which are: "com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly" and "Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped".

These error messages can be sometimes frustrating as they appear whenever you doing something important on your phone and hence you won't be able to continue with it.

The two error messages actually mean the same except for the fact it could come in either of the two messages on your Android and quite much easy to resolve. Below are ways to fix the issue.


Google Now Tips for your Android Smartphone

Every Android smartphone( Android 6.0 Marshmallow) supports Google Now, but some users of android do not know what it is actually and how it works. However, Google Now is known to be an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google, which is available in Google search mobile application for Android and iOS as well as on Google Chrome Web browser on personal computers.
It was developed to actually ease and help users in surfing search results and other features on Google.
Some of its functions includes repeated actions performed by a user on your device( e.g search queries, common locations, repeated calendar appointments etc) to display much more relevant information to the user in the form of cards.
The Google Now on Tap actually comes and works with phones with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Not everyone knows how to make use of it, so below are the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google Now.

1. Google Now Setup

Before you begin exploring Google Now, you need to make sure the setup is correct.
Firstly, permit Google Now to recognise your 'OK Google' command from any screen by clicking the hamburger menu icon in the Google app. Next, navigate to Settings>Voice> 'OK Google' detection, and just slide all the toggles to the right.
Once you are done, you will be prompted to train OK Google to your voice, which you need to do three times by saying OK Google.
Then, navigate to Settings> Voice> Offline speech recognition and do make sure that all the languages you need are downloaded. By doing so, you will be able to use OK Google commands which do not require the Internet when you are offline.
You will also be open to a lot of great Google Now features, provided you give access to Google, to your location data.
Navigate to Google Settings App to allow Google Now use your Location data, select Location and enable the ON toggle button. Then, go to Google Location History at the bottom of the same page and enable the ON button also.
While still at it, navigate into the Google app, click on the hamburger menu icon and click on Customize. Here, you can set your work and home addresses which can be used to get information about your commute and also set reminders. You can also enter which modes of transport you use, your favourite sports team, and more to get the most interesting and useful cards showing up.

2. Adding Voice Commands

You can add a number of additional commands to Google Now, if you download command from PlayStore. It includes special features like clearing notifications, turning on flashlight, taking selfie, enabling rotation lock and more. The app expands the features significantly. You can also set custom voice commands for each function. Apart from this, Command includes integration for Tasker, taking Google Now experience to a much more higher level.

3. Make use of Location based reminders

In this aspect, you can ask Google to remind you of an important task let's say, if you have to remember to do something in a certain place, but you are not sure what time you will be there, Google Now can remind you once it detects that you are there This actually can be very useful for remembering what you need to do or buy when you arrive at a shop or that you need to turn the oven ON as soon as you arrive home.

4. Helps you with Travel arrangements

Google Now tends to provide you with cards and notifications which alerts you beforehand what time you should leave at-to-arrive at an appointment on time, if you use the Google Calendar. These notifications also account for traffic conditions, which makes you a punctual and effective human being.
Make sure to have selected your proffered mode of transport( Customize> Transport) and navigate to Settings> Now cards and switch Commute and Time to leave on.

5. Track packages or Flights with Google Now

When you receive flight confirmations and delivery tracking information to Google email account that is linked to Google Now, these emails will actually be used to provide cards that track packages and update you on your flight's status. This can actually be done for any flight by searching for the flight number, if you have Web history enabled, Google Now will create a dedicated card for the flight.

6. Let's you ask Follow-up questions

Google Now is quite good at contextualising what you say, if you have asked "How large is Manchester " for example, you can ask a follow up question such as "How many people live their" and Google should have no problem remembering that 'there' refers to Manchester.

7. Launch Apps

Google Now let's you have a hands free experience as you don't have to navigate to every app on your phone to open them. Google Now simply does it for you easily and you can do this by saying ' Open(App Name) and that is, Google does it for you.

8. Setup relationships

Google is able to remember which of your contacts is your father, brother, sister, mother or relations among others. Just say something like "Wayne is my father" and Google Now gets to take care of the rest. So if their are multiple Wayne in your phone book, there will be need for you to confirm which is the right entry and then select "Add nickname". Once you do this, you have access to new commands such as 'Call my mothet' or 'Email my dad'.

9. Make use of punctuation marks with smiles

Google Now let's you add punctuation in your words by saying " period" or "comma" as you can also add smilies using voice commands such as 'wow'.

10. Google Now let's you understand multiple languages

With Google Now, you can understand multiple languages whether you are abroad or bilingual. It helps save the frustration of trying to search Street names on Google and only getting unusual results. To enable this feature, press the hamburger menu button in the app, navigate to Settings>Voice> Languages and choose as many as you like.

11. Google Now does a cool trick

Google Now is capable of doing a cool trick or action so to say for example, you just need to say "what song is playing?" and it brings the result out for you.

12 . Deactivate Google Now

If after making use of all this tips and yet you do not see any fun or any reason to make use of Google Now on your phone, you can deactivate it by going to the hamburger icon, select Settings>Now cards and toggle off Show cards. You can also delete the preferences from here if you know you never want to return.

Have you tried out the above Google Now tips and tricks? What do you do to get Google Now running perfectly?Lets know in the comments.

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Top Best File Managers for your Android phone

File managers for android tends to be quite similar as their exist quite so many of them, but what actually differenciates a good explorer and a great one is the extra feature. Using a file manager is very important as you can get tasks done easily on your Android phone.Most android users do not have file explorer on their phones nor actually know which is the best among them as their are so many of them available for download on Playstore and from different developers. We will be providing you with the best top android file managers around so you can choose and make use of the one which actually suits you.


Top Security Apps for Android

Protecting your tablets, phones, computers and other gadgets from theft and hackers should always be a priority, in order to prevent your personal data and information falling into the wrong hands. Up to 2.5 billion mark has been estimated for smartphone users worldwide according to statistics, as such poses a great risk for hackers to hack anyone's device that's not properly secured. If you do have an Android device, you definitely need to protect your phone with the best security android app available. Below are some of the top security apps which can protect your Android phone from hackers and viruses.

Kaspersky Internet Security

The kaspersky Lab is one of the top leading names in software security around the world. Founded in 1997, it's headquarters is Located in Moscow and has more than 300 million users across the globe. The kaspersky android app is available for free download on Google Play Store, but consists of in-app purchases to get the most out of it( security benefits).
Despite not being all free, it's actually worth every purchase due it's several security functions which protect your Android phone from malware, thefts, viruses and other good features. It also offers a cloud protection to save your important data. You can also log on to their website to know more about the app, it's features, reviews, requirements and others.


Apart from mobile security, Glympse also takes care of your personal safety. The app allows you to track down your phone and also let friends/others know your exact location by GPS location sharing and also available for free on Google Play Store.
Glympse let's you choose the duration of time you want to share a particular location, allows the recipient to know your time of arrival so that you are connected always to your family and friends when you travel alone.
The app doesn't need a sign up or log in to a social network account to share your location, and shares your location for a short period of time. You can also visit their website for more. Your location can be shared from anywhere with a data and GPS connectivity.

BullGuard Mobile Security

This app isn't free as it needs to be purchased, but offers a 2 week trial version of the app which is free for download on Google Play Store.
It offers a complete device and Internet protection for your smartphone. The BullGuard Mobile Security is a powerful security app which gives you a live update of the data stored on the cloud and also protects your phone against viruses.
It has very good features which includes a smart anti theft feature which can lock your device should in case someone tries to change the SIM. It also let's you use its remote anti theft device to lock your device and also wipe all data if your phone gets lost or stolen.
One of the best feature it has is an effective malware sweeper that scans and removes any malware on your device which might harm your data. Visit their website to know more about their various security apps for your phone.

Prey Anti Theft

This app is a wonderful security app which of free for download on Google Play Store and also protects 3 devices from one account. Unlike any other app, Prey offers a 100% free of charge service without any in app purchases.
It is available for both iOS and Android and let's you keep a track of all your digital devices. Prey Anti Theft allows you locate your phone through Wi-Fi and GPS and pinpointing it's exact location as well as includes an anti-theft system which doubles as a universal remote controller for all your devices.
It let's you display alert messages, trigger alarms, and lock your phone even if the phone is kept on silent mode.
You can visit their website for more details on their upgrade plans and other additional features. Though this app helps protect your identity online, there are other several ways to protect your identity offline from scammers and criminals.

Webroot SecureWeb

This app includes Internet security, anti virus and protects your sensitive data from sneaky identity thieves. It is also available in many versions(free, trial and paid) for iOS and Android.
It has additional features which includes a highly effective spyware and maleware protection that scans your device for any malicious software, hence protecting your data.
It let's you block any suspicious phone numbers from calling or texting you and alerts you of any untrusted or infected websites. Visit their website to know more about their other security software and apps for home and business uses.

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How to solve common Android App crash issues on your phone

It has become a thing of the past for anyone not to have a smartphone, unlike before that most people do not really see it as important or necessary and are just quite okay with there cellphone, now it has become necessary and important in our current world as there are so many things you can get done fast and easy with your smartphone. So many users have become so fond of their phones as they can't do without certain apps to get through their day to day activities. Despite the existence of so many of these mobile apps, they are not dependable as it's a norm to experience crashing of apps.

Unlike when the likes of BlackBerry used to dominate the mobile market with like 72% few years ago, the Android currently has taken over being the most extensively used mobile operating system(OS) which is dependable, has stability and protects from viruses and malware issues. Facing app crash issues is inevitable, as this happens from time to time. Some of the common reasons behind app crashing includes:

- Device incompatibility & database contention

- incorrect memory & CPU usage

- Browser incompatibility

- Network changes & bandwidth issues

Others could include : Bugs in production, integration dependencies, poor front end optimization and other related issues from developers of this apps and phones.

Some of the common reasons are stated below:

Despite the fact of how so many apps are rated on Google Play Store with 3,4,5 star reviews, it becomes annoying and frustrating when those apps which had good reviews and seem to work on other people's phone don't get to work on your phone.

All this issues seem to exist mainly because there are so many android smartphones from different makers with different versions such as Nexus 5X, 6P, Samsung S6, Huawei Mate S, LGV10, HTC ONE M9 and lots more.

Android app developers can not test their app with all this product available, not to mention the existence of various version of Android OS, including those running older versions.

Also apps sometimes contradict each other making one work and the other not to.

Apps are regularly updated and during that time, an app becomes slow or stop working and others might occur due to the fact that the phone is running an old version of OS or the updated app comes with bug issues which is unknown to the maker.

Below are some of the tips to prevent your Android app from crashing every now and then.

Clearing of App data consistently

In the App Manager list on your Android phone is a button called "Clear Data". This button removes user-configuration as well as the app if it were installed for the first time. The Clear Data is alike to Clear Cache except for the fact that you will have to reconfigure the app. When data sometimes overloads it slows down the phone itself or make crash issues occur. So pressing the Clear Data button all of the data stored is cleared off and it becomes all fresh again, and this should be done from time to time.

Uninstall Apps not needed

Apps that aren't relevant to you shouldn't be downloaded in the first place to begin with. Apps that you don't make use of should be uninstalled. You can check your app drawer to this. Note that improperly written apps can cause issues for your Android device, and built in problems which can range from storing important data like a plain text file in your SD to rubbishing your notification bar with regular updates which cant be disabled.

Create space on your device

Every smartphone has a storage capacity that's limited, and if reached at some point could cause crashing issues of apps on your phone If it's not handled well. For example newer low end devices such as the MOTO E has 8GB built in storage which it's big part is covered by the system. In situations like this, the best and simplest way is to free up space by up installing apps. For music apps, locating where there files are stored can be stressful so it would be better to use the app CCleaner.
You can also make use of DiskUsage especially if you interested in getting a visual display of where your memory is going as it displays file sizes and locations too.

Don't make use of different network types

Most android app users experience app crashing after changing their network connection to either WiFi or mobile data. Truth to be told, Apps don't usually crash on network change except they aren't coded properly.
Flagship phones such as Samsung's Galaxy series come with a built in auto network switch feature to minimise data loss and transition the connection switch seamlessly. But stability of some apps isn't assured as they still crash and most users keep experiencing this from time to time. To prevent an app from crashing, turn off the current network you using first before switching to another connection.

Check Update reviews before downloading

This is the most common mistake every android user makes. When an update comes for an app, try to visit PlayStore to check the current review before updating as some of the app updates comes with bug issues of which crashing might be one of them, as such affects the current one. Even I have been a victim of this several times until when I actually found out that checking review is better before updating so you don't regret over a short period of time. So endeavor to check review of an app update before downloading, because of course some people would have downloaded it before, so if it's actually good, you did see a good comment and if it's the other way round then it means you will have to wait for another update to pop up before updating.

Do you have solution to android app crash issues different from this? Let's get your opinion from the comment section.

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Trying to monitor the system performance of your Android phone? Here are some best apps to do that

If you a lover of Android to the core or you care so much about your Android smartphone that you need to know almost everything about the performance of your Android phone, then you also would want to monitor your devices performance in real time. In this aspect, monitoring your devices system performance is very important, especially in stopping unwanted running of background apps which renders RAM and battery life useless, WiFi problems, CPU, prevent phone crashing and others alike.

-. How to stop running Android apps in the background

Most users do not know how to monitor the system performance of their Android phone, hence decreasing their phones lifespan.
Hopefully, below we have listed the best apps that allows you identify problems faced on your phone such as power hungry apps, irregular CPU behaviour, WiFi connection problems, background processes that sucks up your data allowance and drains your battery. Read on to know how you can monitor the system performance of your android phone or tablet with this apps.

Network Monitor Mini

The Network Monitor Mini is a mini network monitor which serves as a great mini widget on your android phones homes screen. This app allows you to keep a tiny readout of your network upload and download speeds running on whatever else you are doing. With this, you get to know which of the websites are consuming your data and how in real time. Like I mentioned earlier it can serve as a widget which simply means the information can be placed anywhere you like on your home screen and also set the font, color, "tap through" option( instead of opening the app), transparency and more. Click Network Monitor Mini for your Android device.

System Monitor

The System Monitor is an old but good app, which does exactly what it says. With this app you can setup resizable widgets to display how your system resources are being used in real time, which includes a battery and memory monitor ( RAM and SD) and current CPU. In the app is also a usual array of task manager features too. It's worth every download as it's one of the best apps you can use or need for monitoring system performance on Android. Click System Monitor for your Android device.


The DiskUsage helps keep system monitoring information simple such that it's very easy to understand without stress of any kind. It works by showing you a big old chart( depends on the screen size of your phone) which shows how much memory a directory or certain file is using up. DiskUsage allows you monitor what occupies so much space in external or local memory by showing you proportionately sized blocks on screen. This app is great and works for identification of large files and clear up space. Data interpretation isn't required here. Click DiskUsage for your Android phone.

CPU Temperature

Considering the rate of battery drainage, overheating firmware updates and CPU consumption, some hard data might be useful to have on hand. Getting to know what a normal range for your device is also let's you know when things become abnormal. Your palm isn't a perfectly good thermometer but CPU Temperature is for your device. CPU Temperature let's you monitor your CPU temperature and clock speed, charge level and battery temperature and also provide you with a bunch of tool graphs which let's you view changes over time. Click CPU Temperature for your Android device.

Others in your Android device

The Android system also comes with few built in options for keeping tabs on running processes too via Process Stats.
Process stats can be accessed by navigating to Developer Options menu in Settings.
If this menu isn't enabled yet on your phone, navigate to Settings > About Phone > and tap the Build Number continuously till notification pops up.
Developer Options will now appear at the bottom of the Settings menu on your phone.
Process stats let's you know the percentage time an app runs as well as its maximum and average RAM usage.
You also get a list currently running processes attached to that app and also the feature to Force Stop them.

best apps to monitor system performance

Same goes for the battery section on your phone. By clicking the listed apps and services, a list of apps which heavily drains your battery is shown, processes they run, how much battery they consume, mobile and WiFi data sent and received, wake lock stats and more.

Also, on your Apps section you can scroll to the Running tab, where you get to know apps which runs always on your system for good reason (Google Play Services or WhatsApp) and those that shouldn't be running at all( music players you are not using or games you are not playing).

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How to stop running Android apps in the background

uninstall running background apps

Most people have had several issues on excessive battery and data consumption due to running apps in the background on their android smartphone. It has become a challenge as most users don't know how to make this stop, hence saving their battery life and data plan becomes impossible.
Many apps that run in the background do so for good reason like providing data location, syncing or otherwise what they were designed to do.

But not always or actually all of them does that as some just run in the background for no exact good reason. Good examples of some of this apps are like Facebook, instagram and other alike apps that still run in the background when you really don't need them.

I for my part don't see any reason why this kind of apps should still be running in the background when I can always log on anytime I want to keep myself updated, the only thing this kind of running apps do is to refresh feeds, updates and the likes which is really of not much importance.
If you want to know which of the apps are running excessive background processes or would like to stop running apps in the background entirely, below is how you can do that so read on.

Battery usage and Process stats

To get to know which apps are running background processes and how power consuming they are, both in terms of battery and processing, Android has the following built in options for monitoring:

- Enable Developer Options
To do this, navigate to Settings on your Android phone>click the About Device and tap the Build number until you are notified that the Developer Options has been enabled.

- Navigate to Settings, then click on Developer Options> Process stats to view how much of the time your key apps are running. Tap any of the apps to see how much RAM it's using.

- Go to Settings> then Battery and tap individual running apps to see their battery consumption.

Running apps in the background which needs to be closed

The main apps which are actually guilty of background memory and battery usage are music players you are not using and games you are not playing. Like I said earlier on, if there's no good reason for an app to run in the background, it would be best for you to close the app.
Generally and important, apps or services which starts with the word Google should be left running, though important/essential services won't let you stop them from running anyway, but the following apps shouldn't be stopped either and allowed to run.

- Google Play services, Google Contacts Sync, Google Keyboard, Google Play Store, Google Search.

The Process stats list will actually help you with which apps you want to leave running in the background based on how much you use them. The list provided above will help to stop services which aren't important such as the Google Play Music.

How to stop, disable and uninstall running apps in the background

If there's an app you have on your Android which you think is using an unreasonable amount of processor power or seems to run in the background more than it should, you can;

- Disable it in your App Manager
Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application manager, tap the app then click on disable.

- Recent apps can be closed by tapping rhe Recent Apps navigation button on your Android phone(to the right of the home button), then swipe left or right to close apps you ran recently.

- Force Stop it
Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application manager, swipe right to the Running tab, tap the app then click Force Stop OR

- From your phone Delete it by navigating to Settings > Applications > Application manager, tap the app then click uninstall.

NOTE: Apps which aren't necessary should be stopped to avoid excessive usage of RAM, battery and prevent your phone from suddenly crashing.

Making use of Greenify

Greenify is an app which allows you put apps to sleep when they are not in use, so to say an hibernation app. It's basically an automated version of force disabling or closing apps every time you stop using them and then turning them back on when you need to make use of them.
Doing all this is quite stressful, hence if you talking about one of the best management apps around, then Greenify is.
You actually need root access for you to get full benefits of Greenify on your Android phone, which simply means your phone needs to be rooted.
For example, non-rooted users won't be able to automatically hibernate apps, but can flick a widget switch simply to put your apps to sleep. If you really care and concerned about your phone in terms of managing your background processes, Greenify would be of good help. Click Greenify for your Android.

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Best offline GPS and navigation apps for Android

Considering the number of relatively various apps developed in the Android world, GPS and navigation apps seem to be the most useful arguably, as whosoever has faced the challenge of getting lost would know what I'm talking about and how very useful GPS and navigation apps seem to be. There seem to be so many of the GPS and navigation apps available for Android, some works cool, nice and efficient and some don't.
Some of the GPS and navigation apps are to be paid for as they can't even be used offline except online.

It is a major challenge as one can't always be online and as such the app can't be used. We have selected few of the GPS and navigation apps which can be used offline and considered to be the best among others.
To get to know which of the GPS and navigation apps is actually reliable and efficient, read on for our selection of the best offline Android GPS and navigation apps.

Google Maps

Thinking about looking for an offline navigation app? Google Maps would be a good one for you.
With their newly updated feature, Google Maps let's you download several areas of the map for use offline, which also includes use with navigation too.
This feature seems to be a big and welcome addition, as it works as it would when you online, except for the fact you don't get traffic information. Aside from this it works perfectly fine and you going to love it, as such you don't have to worry even when you offline and you need it badly. Just make sure you download the area you actually need before leaving home and you be good to go. Click here to get Google Maps for your Android.

Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic

Waze GPS app is a free navigation app which relies on its community for its traffic information, as it's also one of the most popular apps of its kind on PlayStore. Provided you already a member of the Waze community, accidents, road closure and police traps can be reported, which also gets cross referenced with other users input and broadcast for other users. It has a cool interface and few extra features, such as showing a point based system and cheapest gas stations en route, and also being an active member of the community makes you get more rank. Download Waze GPS Maps &Traffic for your Android.

Here Maps-Offine Navigation

Here Maps is developed by Nokia and came from those once lofty devices. Here Maps allows you download maps of entire countries which can then be used offline as you would online. Though registration is needed to download maps, but once done with that you can download as many as you want. So registering won't take much of your time since its even free. It offers an interface or beauty different to many other GPS and navigation apps, and some might prefer it like that. It's certainly worth trying out for as it's undoubtedly an excellent app. Click Here Maps for download.

GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic

Clearly with a good reason, Sygic is one of the most popular offline navigation apps on Android. The app offers a high definition maps for most countries in the world, and also came in an update which brings it more in line with the Android Lollipop( making it easier to use than ever). Recently most of its features don't come free, though maps are offered for free, but extra features such as live traffic information, extra navigation voices and regular updates all come at a price.

Maps.Me - Offline Map & Routing

Maps.Me used to be a paid app worth US$4.99 price tag on Play Store, and now imagine how delightful it is now that the app is absolutely free. It is highly recommended to pick this up if you haven't, because not only is it one of the best android map apps available, but works fine, cool and efficient offline and includes points of interest such as ATMs, petrol stations, subway stations and many more, as well as a clear and simple UI(user interface). For this app to be sold at US$4.99 and now absolutely made free, it's worth all the download. Click Maps.Me for download.

Navmii GPS World ( Navfree)

Formerly known as Navfree, the app supports features such as offline search, neat interface and voice navigation with a similar resemblance to Android( complete with iconic hamburger menu). It provides a great looking HD maps for more than 30 countries and integrates with Google Street View and Foursquare. Included is the community map reports, OSMap( Open Street Map) and a real time traffic information, that can be used offline. Click Navmii GPS World for download

MapFactor: GPS Navigation

MapFactor makes use of OSMaps ( open Street maps) data, which is installed on your device as you won't be needing Internet connection when in use. MapFactor offers features such as voice navigation in different languages, turn by turn directions, and option to change your route depending on whether you walking, driving a truck or car. An extra feature also include audible noise warnings when you approach speed cameras. It's worth every download as you can click MapFactor GPS for download

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS offers offline maps for the entire planet so to say. CoPilot is capable of sync with social network accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, sets turn by turn directions to scheduled events to attend. Though doesn't come for free, the first map is free( as you can choose from a specialized list) and also CoPilot functions in license form. By buying the premium version, you get 12 months traffic information for free too.

Lets know in the comment section if you know of a better GPS or navigation app.

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Best Android Web browsers for surfing the internet

Everyone has different measure/standard or I would say benchmark when it comes to choosing the best Android Web browser for their smartphones.
Some of the features may include fastest Web browser, while others search for a Web browser which consumes little or less data as possible.
With so many Web browsers available for different devices, it would be hard choosing a particular browser, as they compete with each other.

But here, I will be providing you with the best android Web browsers that you can get for surfing the Internet, irrespective of the type of features you want.

Opera : Android Web browser

Opera has been in existence for almost 20years now, and the Android version seems to offer great features with helpful extras.
Opera for Android has more than 50 million downloads on Play Store, as it's known to be best for saving data.
Opera browser allows syncs on multiple devices so you can get/take the same browsing experience from your smartphone to your PC. Other typical functions include private browsing and bookmarks.
Most importantly like I said earlier, what really makes Opera distinct among other Android Web browsers is the data saving features. Opera compresses video viewing on mobile, so they don't consume much data( and still provides you with great viewing experience) , plus saving few bytes when viewing/visiting regular pages and sites.
Though it's not the fastest browser, but it's features won't make you feel its not fast as you don't have to wait for extra images to load for every time you open a page. Get the Opera browser for your Android.

Dolphin Browser: Android Web browser

Dolphin browser is mostly known for its best user experience. It's a favourite and well known in the android community. It functions well, looks great, works efficiently with lots of feature, and also comes with some wonderful gesture controls too. It also comes in handy especially when sharing content and transferring preferences between devices.
The best part of the Dolphin browser is that it still supports the flash player, which means you don't get to have challenges with older websites which still needs flash player before you can browse/ view their pages well. Get the Dolphin Web browser for your Android.

Firefox: Android Web browser

Firefox which is best for customization is a powerhouse of the Web browser domain, and as such offers a good solid experience. It is reliable, most importantly it's comprehensive features makes it a contender for the top spot. It has the ability to sync the mobile browser with the desktop version which works quite brilliantly and has lots of customization options, like from a host of fully integrated adds on to reorganizing your home panels.
Firefox Android Web browser also comes with packed usual array of sharing and privacy options, with the reader mode which provides a clean way of displaying articles/pages without any issues/clutter. Get the Firefox Web browser for your Android.

Chrome Beta: Android Web browser

This isn't the regular Chrome Web browser as it is different, but a better version of the Chrome browser known as the Chrome Beta version....
Chrome Beta comes with accessible new features, though required to provide a feedback( to let them know users experience if they are satisfied or not), you might as well ignore if you want.
Stability problems are expected to be found on Chrome, but are infrequent as such we recommend the Chrome Beta ahead of the normal Chrome browser. Get Chrome Beta for your Android.

Flyperlink: Android Web browser

Flyperlink is best for multitasking. Apps like Flyperlink tend to make old browser not exist anymore as they work on assumptions that our browser is a background tool needed frequently.
Flyperlink let's you use the share button in an app to open its contents in a floating window, and recently support for Chrome tabs was also added.
Flyperlink let's you open links in a floating window which can be easily minimized. It's kept permanently kept in the foreground as a small bubble as you can press anytime to expand whenever you need to make use of it.
Flyperlink is an excellent Web browser which comes in handy and could replace your default Web browser when it comes for the need to switch between apps and Web pages, or handful of sites which you frequently refer to. Get Flyperlink browser for your Android.

APUS Web browser

APUS is a fast, easy and small Web browser. It is best known for its launcher, but now recently entered upgraded to a lightweight mobile Web browser with a simple minimal beauty. Having a file size of 0.6MB, APUS browser is slim and has surprisingly added features.
One of the features, enabled by default, is that when you copy text on your phone, the browser then prompts you to search for it online.
APUS Web browser help save data by allowing you to disable images which that show up in searches. It's a Web browser worth a shot since its free, especially if you not running on the newest, most powerful hardware. Get APUS browser for your Android.

Puffin Web browser

Puffin browser is is free and best for speed. It's quick and highly customizable with add-on functions and backgrounds. It has the capability of emulating a mouse cursor and a track pad, as such ideal for those who miss the laptop experience on mobile.
Puffin Web browser works by transferring material to its cloud servers before delivering it to your device, as this helps to load bigger website files on devices with smaller bandwidth(smartphones). This reason may cause the Puffin Web browser to be the fastest Android browser, but as well as enough ad banners across the bottom of the screen which is sometimes annoying. Get the Puffin Web browser for your Android.

What's your favourite Android Web browser? Let's know from the comments section.

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Android remote control apps and uses for PC

The feature of using Android/ smartphone remote control on PC has been in existence quite for some time now. Most people or users of Android or different smartphone must have heard about it, but do not know how it works, while others don't even know their Android/smartphone could be used as a remote connection for their PC. In this aspect, many remote control apps have been developed to enable easy remote access on PC.

You can read more on :How to use your Android phone/ Tablet to control your PC

Picking a remote control app in this aspect can be sometimes difficult as their exists so many of them. I ll be sharing with you some Android remote control apps which are very effective and can be used on your Desktop, so you can pick the app of your choice. Read on to know how to use Android apps to control your PC.

Remote Link( PC Remote)

The Remote Link app is developed by Asus, which simply means that before you can make use this app on your PC, you need to have a copy of Asus' own Remote Link server software on your computer.
Remote Link has expected features and even more, which includes Android wear compatibility, and a handy multi pad gesture. Adding Android Wear functionality to app makes it a cool app, because you can use the Asus ZenWatch to control a computer based presentation entirely from the screen of who's wearing the watch.
For a good measure, a media remote compatible with Windows Media Player and remote presentation has been made.
The Remote Link is a designed cleanly with a clean interface for users. The menus and functions are clearly classified to prevent confusion of any kind. On Google Play Store, the app is well reviewed with lots of downloaders giving comments about the app being designed well. Though there have been some complaints concerning the ads built in it, which users don't really like, but since its free with good functions, it will be hard to complain too. Click here to get the Remote Link for your Android.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Using the Chrome Remote to control your PC with an Android smartphone requires a Chrome extension function, and once a PIN has been sorted out for the remote computer, you can then use it.
Chrome Remote Desktop has been developed for a long time now and continues to give a good experience, coming in with features for Windows and Mac users. The requirement only involves an Internet browser running Google Chrome.
Provided you are signed in to the same Google account on your smartphone and computer, Chrome Remote Desktop let's you control the PC from the mobile screen. Though a slight delay might occur due to first establishing a connection, for most part the experience is awesome.
Also you can get a good view of your PC Desktop by rotating your smartphone to a landscape. Click here to get the Chrome Remote Desktop for your Android.

Remote Control Collection

Remote Control Collection is a PC remote app which is one of the most popular and highest rated remote applications on Google Play Store, due to its awesome features too.
It is a free PC remote app which offers a number of different remotes and functions in a single form for smartphones and tablets. Apart from controlling a computer keyboard and mouse using a remote device, the Remote Control Collection can also manage media files, presentation and lots more.
The app has major six categories, which consists of the keyboard, mouse ,speech recognition, Live Screen(Pro), Media Player( Pro) and Slideshows(Pro).
You can start the process of setting the app up, by navigating to the Android Remote configuration page on your PC, which needs you to download remote software to your PC, identify your IP address and lastly pair the app with your smartphone. The process doesn't take much time to start working.
On mobile the Remote Control Collection start page is divided into Devices and Remotes. Making use of the mouse to control the screen of your computer is easy and simple and there are app shortcuts used to expand the keyboard to enable you use the function keys, paste and copy, zoom and others. To be honest Remote Control Collection makes everything simple and easy without stress. To get the Remote Control Collection for your Android click here.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is bombarded with features with support for over 90 separate programs including media players for music and video files and a useful fine manager tool.
This app doesn't require any stress as it is quick to configure, as it has an automated server detection to configure your home network easily. Also included is multi touch mouse control and customizable server passwords .

Unified Remote app has several themes to choose from and has 18 remotes included into the free version. It's full version consists of more tools which includes NFC commands, voice commands, Android Wear feature and more.
It also supports music apps like Spotify, Google Music, iTunes. Users who love streaming can control Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu with the Remote app. To get Unified Remote for your Android click here.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer is capable of transferring files both to and from various devices, with a fast and secure feature.
TeamViewer requires the TeamViewer PC software to function, and the TeamViewer app is free to download. Download the software, enter your TeamViewer ID and password for your computer.
It also has expected feature such as the full keyboard functionality, as is a multi monitor support and has option to remotely administrate unattended computers.
TeamViewer for Remote Control is certainly a business oriented PC remote app. Some say TeamViewer is most useful at workplace, but it has enough features to be used even at home. Click here to the TeamViewer app for your Android.

With the list of the Remote control apps provided for use on PC, you can choose which is best for you.

Let's know your thoughts in the comments section below which app is your favourite, and also remote apps you think are awesome but not mentioned here.

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Best uses of NFC

Nobody makes use of NFC despite the fact that it's been developed quite for some time now on different smartphones. Why? Because some don't know what it is and how it is used despite its on their Android smartphone, while other users don't even know if there exists anything like NFC on their smartphone. Well that's going to change after you read this article as I will be emphasising on its uses.

You can read more on NFC: facts and why you should use it.

Modern Smartphones all come now with NFC feature, but used mostly by a power user who loves exploring his/her smartphone and not just a casual user who doesn't care about other functions on the phone provided it can browse, download, and listen to music or watch movies with it.

NFC is meant to be used every now and then just like the way we use Bluetooth all the time, and not just used by one person and then neglected by the other.
NFC ( near field communication) has various ways of making use of it and I will be sharing them with you. Showing below are list of the best way of using NFC.

How do you enable NFC?

How to make use of NFC
1. To send picture
2. To Send a document
3. To Send a phone number
4. To send directions
5. To make payment
6. To launch an app on someone else's phone
7. To direct someone to your new favourite app

Before you can make use of NFC, you must be sure your device supports it, by navigating to Settings> Wireless&networks and from there you can see NFC listed, then if you see it there it definitely means you can make use of it, by enabling it from the same menu.

NOTE: Both devices(sender/receivers device) must have NFC enabled before NFC transfer can work.

To make use of NFC, let both NFC enabled devices come close in contact with each other( with their backs touching each other) or select Android Beam in the share options when sharing a file. At some point when you devices become separated, it will notify you to bring them close together again.
NOTE: Both devices need to enable Android Beam if that's what you want to use for sharing file.
It's uses are:

NFC can be used to send a picture, and to do that just navigate to media on your phone and open the picture you want to send in your preferred image viewer, then bring the phones together.
It is really useful when somebody next to you wants a picture you have fast on his device, hence using NFC you can make it a quicky.

In this process, there is need for you to enable the Android beam since its a file you are sharing. Because if you try to send a PDF file when viewing it, it tends to only bean the PDF viewing app, instead of the PDF file itself. So that's where the Android Beam comes in. Navigate to the file you want to share, click the three tops icon, tap share and select Android Beam. Then you can bring the devices together.

Using NFC to send phone number is a quick and simple way to give someone your number as either of you don't have to type any digits. It does make sense, you interested in someone and need to get the persons number without typing ? NFC does the job perfectly. To do this, navigate to contact address book( either yours or someone else's), press your phone to the recipients and tap the display when your phone pops ' touch to beam' .
It is actually useful when you too busy to type numbers.

On many occasions, you always explain directions to someone visiting you for the first time, but with NFC you don't have to do that anymore as you can create some directions with Google Maps, then let the phones touch each other( back). Simple!

NOTE: This is most useful when someone from your workplace or anywhere would like to visit you at home. ( but for this to be meaningful, the person has to be with you to do the transfer and with it can check you up at home without stress).
Would be meaningless if you directing someone to your location for the first time without ever meeting the person before.

NFC can be used to make mobile payment with its Tap and Pay feature, by making use of the Android Pay app. Download the Android pay app here, add your debit or credit card details,and make use of it in any store which has a contact less payment terminal. Though this is most used in the US and UK, and will become widespread with time across every other country hopefully.
It is most useful when you out of hard cash.

Sounds cool huh? Yes. If you have an app or playing a game which is already installed on someone else's device, you can actually launch it for them with NFC. So if you are using Google Photos and your friend would like to check their photos too, but can't find that app, you can tap the phones together and beam.

Yes, with NFC other android users can be directed to Play Store to get your favourite games and app. For example "Wow, that app looks great, can I have a look at it?" yes! Sure let me press my phone on yours and find out yourself. Provided you are using the app or game currently, NFC will help direct your friends or Androiders to the apps Google play page.

NFC also have tags called NFC tags or stickers and has so many uses on its own. Guess will be writing an article soon about NFC tags and uses. So always check by for more frequent tech tips and updates.

NFC is actually good when you out of 3G or LTE data, have no carrier signal or Wi-Fi, or you don't have a cable to do a PC transfer. It's quick, simple and easy to use by tapping phones on each other.

Share your thoughts in the comments, about your favourite uses for NFC.

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