How to fix the process issue/error: has stopped

There are mostly two error messages that affects an Android phone especially the ones running on the Android KitKat OS, which are: " has stopped unexpectedly" and "Unfortunately, the process has stopped".

These error messages can be sometimes frustrating as they appear whenever you doing something important on your phone and hence you won't be able to continue with it.

The two error messages actually mean the same except for the fact it could come in either of the two messages on your Android and quite much easy to resolve. Below are ways to fix the issue.

Clear Cache for the app causing the error message

While making use of a particular app on your phone, if you notice that the error message pops up for every time you try to launch the app, there are chances that the app is the cause of the problem

Navigate to Settings > Apps and find app in question. Click the app and on the following page tap Clear Cache.

If this still doesn't help, you can try clearing the data for the app too. But do take note that you will lose any chat conversation or game process, so you might want to backup your data first. Above the Clear Cache you will find the Clear data button.

If any of the above solution doesn't work, the next step would be to try uninstalling the app( which can be done from the same page as clearing the cache and data) and then reinstalling later.

How to fix the process issue/error: has stopped

Clear Google Play Services data

Here is another solution to try out if clearing cache and data for a particular app or uninstalling doesn't work. This can be done by removing all of your Google Play Services data.

This process will delete your Google Play services settings and preferences but don't worry they are easy to assign again later as you wouldn't even notice.

Now, navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services. On the App info page, you will see the Manage space button, then tap it.
On the screen next to it click Clear all data, as you will receive a warning message asking if you wish to permanently delete the data. Tap OK to proceed.

Reset app preferences

Another method of fixing the error message is by navigating to Settings > Apps > All and reset the app preferences( found via three dots or hamburger icon).

By doing this, all of your app settings are back to beginning, but any app data won't be deleted. Which simply means, any saved progress won't be lost.

Did any of these tips helped you fix the problem? How often do you see this error message? Let's know in the comments. Registered & Protected 

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