Google Now Tips for your Android Smartphone

Every Android smartphone( Android 6.0 Marshmallow) supports Google Now, but some users of android do not know what it is actually and how it works. However, Google Now is known to be an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google, which is available in Google search mobile application for Android and iOS as well as on Google Chrome Web browser on personal computers.
It was developed to actually ease and help users in surfing search results and other features on Google.
Some of its functions includes repeated actions performed by a user on your device( e.g search queries, common locations, repeated calendar appointments etc) to display much more relevant information to the user in the form of cards.
The Google Now on Tap actually comes and works with phones with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Not everyone knows how to make use of it, so below are the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google Now.

1. Google Now Setup

Before you begin exploring Google Now, you need to make sure the setup is correct.
Firstly, permit Google Now to recognise your 'OK Google' command from any screen by clicking the hamburger menu icon in the Google app. Next, navigate to Settings>Voice> 'OK Google' detection, and just slide all the toggles to the right.
Once you are done, you will be prompted to train OK Google to your voice, which you need to do three times by saying OK Google.
Then, navigate to Settings> Voice> Offline speech recognition and do make sure that all the languages you need are downloaded. By doing so, you will be able to use OK Google commands which do not require the Internet when you are offline.
You will also be open to a lot of great Google Now features, provided you give access to Google, to your location data.
Navigate to Google Settings App to allow Google Now use your Location data, select Location and enable the ON toggle button. Then, go to Google Location History at the bottom of the same page and enable the ON button also.
While still at it, navigate into the Google app, click on the hamburger menu icon and click on Customize. Here, you can set your work and home addresses which can be used to get information about your commute and also set reminders. You can also enter which modes of transport you use, your favourite sports team, and more to get the most interesting and useful cards showing up.

2. Adding Voice Commands

You can add a number of additional commands to Google Now, if you download command from PlayStore. It includes special features like clearing notifications, turning on flashlight, taking selfie, enabling rotation lock and more. The app expands the features significantly. You can also set custom voice commands for each function. Apart from this, Command includes integration for Tasker, taking Google Now experience to a much more higher level.

3. Make use of Location based reminders

In this aspect, you can ask Google to remind you of an important task let's say, if you have to remember to do something in a certain place, but you are not sure what time you will be there, Google Now can remind you once it detects that you are there This actually can be very useful for remembering what you need to do or buy when you arrive at a shop or that you need to turn the oven ON as soon as you arrive home.

4. Helps you with Travel arrangements

Google Now tends to provide you with cards and notifications which alerts you beforehand what time you should leave at-to-arrive at an appointment on time, if you use the Google Calendar. These notifications also account for traffic conditions, which makes you a punctual and effective human being.
Make sure to have selected your proffered mode of transport( Customize> Transport) and navigate to Settings> Now cards and switch Commute and Time to leave on.

5. Track packages or Flights with Google Now

When you receive flight confirmations and delivery tracking information to Google email account that is linked to Google Now, these emails will actually be used to provide cards that track packages and update you on your flight's status. This can actually be done for any flight by searching for the flight number, if you have Web history enabled, Google Now will create a dedicated card for the flight.

6. Let's you ask Follow-up questions

Google Now is quite good at contextualising what you say, if you have asked "How large is Manchester " for example, you can ask a follow up question such as "How many people live their" and Google should have no problem remembering that 'there' refers to Manchester.

7. Launch Apps

Google Now let's you have a hands free experience as you don't have to navigate to every app on your phone to open them. Google Now simply does it for you easily and you can do this by saying ' Open(App Name) and that is, Google does it for you.

8. Setup relationships

Google is able to remember which of your contacts is your father, brother, sister, mother or relations among others. Just say something like "Wayne is my father" and Google Now gets to take care of the rest. So if their are multiple Wayne in your phone book, there will be need for you to confirm which is the right entry and then select "Add nickname". Once you do this, you have access to new commands such as 'Call my mothet' or 'Email my dad'.

9. Make use of punctuation marks with smiles

Google Now let's you add punctuation in your words by saying " period" or "comma" as you can also add smilies using voice commands such as 'wow'.

10. Google Now let's you understand multiple languages

With Google Now, you can understand multiple languages whether you are abroad or bilingual. It helps save the frustration of trying to search Street names on Google and only getting unusual results. To enable this feature, press the hamburger menu button in the app, navigate to Settings>Voice> Languages and choose as many as you like.

11. Google Now does a cool trick

Google Now is capable of doing a cool trick or action so to say for example, you just need to say "what song is playing?" and it brings the result out for you.

12 . Deactivate Google Now

If after making use of all this tips and yet you do not see any fun or any reason to make use of Google Now on your phone, you can deactivate it by going to the hamburger icon, select Settings>Now cards and toggle off Show cards. You can also delete the preferences from here if you know you never want to return.

Have you tried out the above Google Now tips and tricks? What do you do to get Google Now running perfectly?Lets know in the comments. Registered & Protected 

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