Trying to monitor the system performance of your Android phone? Here are some best apps to do that

If you a lover of Android to the core or you care so much about your Android smartphone that you need to know almost everything about the performance of your Android phone, then you also would want to monitor your devices performance in real time. In this aspect, monitoring your devices system performance is very important, especially in stopping unwanted running of background apps which renders RAM and battery life useless, WiFi problems, CPU, prevent phone crashing and others alike.

-. How to stop running Android apps in the background

Most users do not know how to monitor the system performance of their Android phone, hence decreasing their phones lifespan.
Hopefully, below we have listed the best apps that allows you identify problems faced on your phone such as power hungry apps, irregular CPU behaviour, WiFi connection problems, background processes that sucks up your data allowance and drains your battery. Read on to know how you can monitor the system performance of your android phone or tablet with this apps.

Network Monitor Mini

The Network Monitor Mini is a mini network monitor which serves as a great mini widget on your android phones homes screen. This app allows you to keep a tiny readout of your network upload and download speeds running on whatever else you are doing. With this, you get to know which of the websites are consuming your data and how in real time. Like I mentioned earlier it can serve as a widget which simply means the information can be placed anywhere you like on your home screen and also set the font, color, "tap through" option( instead of opening the app), transparency and more. Click Network Monitor Mini for your Android device.

System Monitor

The System Monitor is an old but good app, which does exactly what it says. With this app you can setup resizable widgets to display how your system resources are being used in real time, which includes a battery and memory monitor ( RAM and SD) and current CPU. In the app is also a usual array of task manager features too. It's worth every download as it's one of the best apps you can use or need for monitoring system performance on Android. Click System Monitor for your Android device.


The DiskUsage helps keep system monitoring information simple such that it's very easy to understand without stress of any kind. It works by showing you a big old chart( depends on the screen size of your phone) which shows how much memory a directory or certain file is using up. DiskUsage allows you monitor what occupies so much space in external or local memory by showing you proportionately sized blocks on screen. This app is great and works for identification of large files and clear up space. Data interpretation isn't required here. Click DiskUsage for your Android phone.

CPU Temperature

Considering the rate of battery drainage, overheating firmware updates and CPU consumption, some hard data might be useful to have on hand. Getting to know what a normal range for your device is also let's you know when things become abnormal. Your palm isn't a perfectly good thermometer but CPU Temperature is for your device. CPU Temperature let's you monitor your CPU temperature and clock speed, charge level and battery temperature and also provide you with a bunch of tool graphs which let's you view changes over time. Click CPU Temperature for your Android device.

Others in your Android device

The Android system also comes with few built in options for keeping tabs on running processes too via Process Stats.
Process stats can be accessed by navigating to Developer Options menu in Settings.
If this menu isn't enabled yet on your phone, navigate to Settings > About Phone > and tap the Build Number continuously till notification pops up.
Developer Options will now appear at the bottom of the Settings menu on your phone.
Process stats let's you know the percentage time an app runs as well as its maximum and average RAM usage.
You also get a list currently running processes attached to that app and also the feature to Force Stop them.

best apps to monitor system performance

Same goes for the battery section on your phone. By clicking the listed apps and services, a list of apps which heavily drains your battery is shown, processes they run, how much battery they consume, mobile and WiFi data sent and received, wake lock stats and more.

Also, on your Apps section you can scroll to the Running tab, where you get to know apps which runs always on your system for good reason (Google Play Services or WhatsApp) and those that shouldn't be running at all( music players you are not using or games you are not playing). Registered & Protected 

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