Best Android Web browsers for surfing the internet

Everyone has different measure/standard or I would say benchmark when it comes to choosing the best Android Web browser for their smartphones.
Some of the features may include fastest Web browser, while others search for a Web browser which consumes little or less data as possible.
With so many Web browsers available for different devices, it would be hard choosing a particular browser, as they compete with each other.

But here, I will be providing you with the best android Web browsers that you can get for surfing the Internet, irrespective of the type of features you want.

Opera : Android Web browser

Opera has been in existence for almost 20years now, and the Android version seems to offer great features with helpful extras.
Opera for Android has more than 50 million downloads on Play Store, as it's known to be best for saving data.
Opera browser allows syncs on multiple devices so you can get/take the same browsing experience from your smartphone to your PC. Other typical functions include private browsing and bookmarks.
Most importantly like I said earlier, what really makes Opera distinct among other Android Web browsers is the data saving features. Opera compresses video viewing on mobile, so they don't consume much data( and still provides you with great viewing experience) , plus saving few bytes when viewing/visiting regular pages and sites.
Though it's not the fastest browser, but it's features won't make you feel its not fast as you don't have to wait for extra images to load for every time you open a page. Get the Opera browser for your Android.

Dolphin Browser: Android Web browser

Dolphin browser is mostly known for its best user experience. It's a favourite and well known in the android community. It functions well, looks great, works efficiently with lots of feature, and also comes with some wonderful gesture controls too. It also comes in handy especially when sharing content and transferring preferences between devices.
The best part of the Dolphin browser is that it still supports the flash player, which means you don't get to have challenges with older websites which still needs flash player before you can browse/ view their pages well. Get the Dolphin Web browser for your Android.

Firefox: Android Web browser

Firefox which is best for customization is a powerhouse of the Web browser domain, and as such offers a good solid experience. It is reliable, most importantly it's comprehensive features makes it a contender for the top spot. It has the ability to sync the mobile browser with the desktop version which works quite brilliantly and has lots of customization options, like from a host of fully integrated adds on to reorganizing your home panels.
Firefox Android Web browser also comes with packed usual array of sharing and privacy options, with the reader mode which provides a clean way of displaying articles/pages without any issues/clutter. Get the Firefox Web browser for your Android.

Chrome Beta: Android Web browser

This isn't the regular Chrome Web browser as it is different, but a better version of the Chrome browser known as the Chrome Beta version....
Chrome Beta comes with accessible new features, though required to provide a feedback( to let them know users experience if they are satisfied or not), you might as well ignore if you want.
Stability problems are expected to be found on Chrome, but are infrequent as such we recommend the Chrome Beta ahead of the normal Chrome browser. Get Chrome Beta for your Android.

Flyperlink: Android Web browser

Flyperlink is best for multitasking. Apps like Flyperlink tend to make old browser not exist anymore as they work on assumptions that our browser is a background tool needed frequently.
Flyperlink let's you use the share button in an app to open its contents in a floating window, and recently support for Chrome tabs was also added.
Flyperlink let's you open links in a floating window which can be easily minimized. It's kept permanently kept in the foreground as a small bubble as you can press anytime to expand whenever you need to make use of it.
Flyperlink is an excellent Web browser which comes in handy and could replace your default Web browser when it comes for the need to switch between apps and Web pages, or handful of sites which you frequently refer to. Get Flyperlink browser for your Android.

APUS Web browser

APUS is a fast, easy and small Web browser. It is best known for its launcher, but now recently entered upgraded to a lightweight mobile Web browser with a simple minimal beauty. Having a file size of 0.6MB, APUS browser is slim and has surprisingly added features.
One of the features, enabled by default, is that when you copy text on your phone, the browser then prompts you to search for it online.
APUS Web browser help save data by allowing you to disable images which that show up in searches. It's a Web browser worth a shot since its free, especially if you not running on the newest, most powerful hardware. Get APUS browser for your Android.

Puffin Web browser

Puffin browser is is free and best for speed. It's quick and highly customizable with add-on functions and backgrounds. It has the capability of emulating a mouse cursor and a track pad, as such ideal for those who miss the laptop experience on mobile.
Puffin Web browser works by transferring material to its cloud servers before delivering it to your device, as this helps to load bigger website files on devices with smaller bandwidth(smartphones). This reason may cause the Puffin Web browser to be the fastest Android browser, but as well as enough ad banners across the bottom of the screen which is sometimes annoying. Get the Puffin Web browser for your Android.

What's your favourite Android Web browser? Let's know from the comments section. Registered & Protected 

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