Android apps which helps prevent identity theft online

Android apps which helps prevent identity online theft

With the availability and usage of smartphones nowadays, people use them for various purposes such as for surfing the Internet, shopping online, bills payment, social media interaction as well as photography and so many other things.

Now what all this actually means is that while doing all this, a lot of sensitive data could also be found on a person's phone which could pose a security threat to one if they are not well protected. As a matter of fact, sensitive data are meant to be protected, alongside with personal information from hackers.

Smartphones apps not only helps you with a variety of everyday tasks, but can also protect your Android phones from hackers and identity theft, and also keep your personal data from falling into the wrong hands. Below are some of the best Android apps to protect you from identity theft.

Identity Guard

Most victims of hacking are totally unaware to the fact that their personal details have been stolen, well I must say you have nothing to worry about anymore upon installing the Identity Guard app for Android. This anti theft app maintains your personal credit report and notifies you of any significant changes, it also provides real-time alerts as soon as it notices any unusual activity on any of your accounts. It likewise give alerts for any change of address so that you posts on mails aren't delivered to the wrong place. Download the Identity Guard app for your Android.

LifeLock Wallet

LifeLock Wallet app helps keep your personal details organised and your financial information safe. It let's you keep the information of your credit cards and other loyalty cards in a digitised format, so you don't have to take them along with you for every time you go shopping. It also let's users get a theft and data protection service immediate you register for the app, which in turn provides you with regular alerts each time you access any of your accounts.
It offers a protection service should in case you lost your wallet, and also provides you with a monthly report of your credit score which makes this app a must to install. Download LifeLock app for your Android.

Credit Sesame

Personal loans and credit cards are some of the most likely areas for identity related frauds. And when your personal details are compromised, then their is a high chance that they will be used to create fraudulent account or transaction in your name. So to say, keeping a check on your credit reports is a good way to notice any irregularities. Credit Sesame lets you monitor your credit cards and provides you a free of charge credit score. It also advice and provides you with several tips and advice to help you save money and lower your expenses. Download Credit Sesame for your Android.

Credit Karma

The best way for you to know whether your credit cards or your personal details have been misused by someone or not is by keeping a good check on your monthly credit reports. Credit Karma consists of two major credit bureau and provides totally free of charge credit report on daily basis. Credit Karma has special notifications feature for any significant changes in the credit reports and also provides tools and recommendation to the user to organise their information and keep it safe from attackers. Download Credit Karma for your Android phone.

Cerberus Anti Theft

Well known to be a complete anti theft app, Cerberus protects your phone form being stolen as well as keeps the data safe from snatchers and hacked. Compared to other find a phone apps, Cerberus help locate your phone if stolen and locks the device protecting any unlawful access to your details. Cerberus let's you send messages to the finder or thief and also speak out the message. It also helps you identify any fake hotspots and securely log on to public Wi-Fi networks. Download Cerberus for your Android phone.

Secret Control Anti Theft

Getting your phone stolen doesn't only pose a threat to access but compromises your personal data. Most people use smartphones to save and manage personal data, but a theft or an accidental loss could leave your details at the mercy of others. By simply installing the Secret Control app, you might be able to prevent your smartphone from being lost or stolen. It contains a password protected screen lock, anti theft alarm, phone finder, motion sensors and notifications should in case the phone's Sim card is changed or removed.

Lop Dog

With many accounts on various social media platforms and websites, keeping track of all this accounts is certainly hard. This could also be a major problem when your details is stolen by a malicious hacker and you can't tell where the information was taken from. With Lop Dog app, you can solve the problem as it's a basically security system which alerts you as soon as it senses an unusual activity on your accounts. It helps you take quick action in case your details are compromised and also helps keep track of all your online accounts. Download Lop Dog app for your android

A smartphone could contain all sorts of personal information and data such as social network passwords, bank passwords, important phone numbers and photographs which needs to be protected at all costs. By installing any of the above app, you can keep your smartphone safe from hackers and also offer you help should in case you feel your personal information has been compromised.

Do you know of any better Anti Theft apps than the above mentioned? Share your thoughts with us from the comment section below..

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