GTBank's Quick Credit And How To Use It

GTBank's quick credit is one of the added services on the 737 platform which has been available for a while now.
So for salary earners in need of extra cash for their finances,Quick credit is for you.
It is cheap, quick, confidential and friendly. Below is what quick credit is and how it works.

What is Quick Credit?

Quick Credit is a time loan facility for salary earners, which simply means individuals must have an account with GTBank in which there salary is been paid.

Who's Eligible/Qualified ?

1. Customers are qualified based on the consistent payment of their salaries in the last six months.

2. Applicants must have received salaries in their GTBank accounts in the last two months through the current          employer and present BVN.

3. Net salary of the applicant must not be less than N10,000.

4. Age qualification for the loan is 18years to 59 years.

5 .Applicants phone number must be the same as registered with the bank.

6. Repayment of loan won't exceed 33.33% of applicants net monthly salary.

7. Customer musnt have a serious report of a pending loan yet to be paid in any organisation.

How To Apply

Applicants can apply by dialing *737*51*51# via the registered line with the bank.

Applicants can also apply on Internet banking ( then navigate to investment & quick loans menu

How Much Can Be Loaned?

The loan amount is between (N10,000- N5 million) but please do note that for you to get a bit much amount of money has to do with consistent payment of salary overtime as well as how much a customer earns.

What Is the Charge Rate?

Rate is charged per annum as a customer is allowed to pay back the money annually.

21% per annum is charged ( i.e 1.75 % monthly)

To liquidate quick credit you dial *737*51*55#

For more information on Terms and Conditions regarding this product, please kindly visit 

Source::: GTBank

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