Best uses of NFC

Nobody makes use of NFC despite the fact that it's been developed quite for some time now on different smartphones. Why? Because some don't know what it is and how it is used despite its on their Android smartphone, while other users don't even know if there exists anything like NFC on their smartphone. Well that's going to change after you read this article as I will be emphasising on its uses.

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Modern Smartphones all come now with NFC feature, but used mostly by a power user who loves exploring his/her smartphone and not just a casual user who doesn't care about other functions on the phone provided it can browse, download, and listen to music or watch movies with it.

NFC is meant to be used every now and then just like the way we use Bluetooth all the time, and not just used by one person and then neglected by the other.
NFC ( near field communication) has various ways of making use of it and I will be sharing them with you. Showing below are list of the best way of using NFC.

How do you enable NFC?

How to make use of NFC
1. To send picture
2. To Send a document
3. To Send a phone number
4. To send directions
5. To make payment
6. To launch an app on someone else's phone
7. To direct someone to your new favourite app

Before you can make use of NFC, you must be sure your device supports it, by navigating to Settings> Wireless&networks and from there you can see NFC listed, then if you see it there it definitely means you can make use of it, by enabling it from the same menu.

NOTE: Both devices(sender/receivers device) must have NFC enabled before NFC transfer can work.

To make use of NFC, let both NFC enabled devices come close in contact with each other( with their backs touching each other) or select Android Beam in the share options when sharing a file. At some point when you devices become separated, it will notify you to bring them close together again.
NOTE: Both devices need to enable Android Beam if that's what you want to use for sharing file.
It's uses are:

NFC can be used to send a picture, and to do that just navigate to media on your phone and open the picture you want to send in your preferred image viewer, then bring the phones together.
It is really useful when somebody next to you wants a picture you have fast on his device, hence using NFC you can make it a quicky.

In this process, there is need for you to enable the Android beam since its a file you are sharing. Because if you try to send a PDF file when viewing it, it tends to only bean the PDF viewing app, instead of the PDF file itself. So that's where the Android Beam comes in. Navigate to the file you want to share, click the three tops icon, tap share and select Android Beam. Then you can bring the devices together.

Using NFC to send phone number is a quick and simple way to give someone your number as either of you don't have to type any digits. It does make sense, you interested in someone and need to get the persons number without typing ? NFC does the job perfectly. To do this, navigate to contact address book( either yours or someone else's), press your phone to the recipients and tap the display when your phone pops ' touch to beam' .
It is actually useful when you too busy to type numbers.

On many occasions, you always explain directions to someone visiting you for the first time, but with NFC you don't have to do that anymore as you can create some directions with Google Maps, then let the phones touch each other( back). Simple!

NOTE: This is most useful when someone from your workplace or anywhere would like to visit you at home. ( but for this to be meaningful, the person has to be with you to do the transfer and with it can check you up at home without stress).
Would be meaningless if you directing someone to your location for the first time without ever meeting the person before.

NFC can be used to make mobile payment with its Tap and Pay feature, by making use of the Android Pay app. Download the Android pay app here, add your debit or credit card details,and make use of it in any store which has a contact less payment terminal. Though this is most used in the US and UK, and will become widespread with time across every other country hopefully.
It is most useful when you out of hard cash.

Sounds cool huh? Yes. If you have an app or playing a game which is already installed on someone else's device, you can actually launch it for them with NFC. So if you are using Google Photos and your friend would like to check their photos too, but can't find that app, you can tap the phones together and beam.

Yes, with NFC other android users can be directed to Play Store to get your favourite games and app. For example "Wow, that app looks great, can I have a look at it?" yes! Sure let me press my phone on yours and find out yourself. Provided you are using the app or game currently, NFC will help direct your friends or Androiders to the apps Google play page.

NFC also have tags called NFC tags or stickers and has so many uses on its own. Guess will be writing an article soon about NFC tags and uses. So always check by for more frequent tech tips and updates.

NFC is actually good when you out of 3G or LTE data, have no carrier signal or Wi-Fi, or you don't have a cable to do a PC transfer. It's quick, simple and easy to use by tapping phones on each other.

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