How To Fix No Bootable Image Found, Notebook Will be Shut Down Error (Microsoft Windows)


No bootable image found, notebook will be shut down is commonly caused by irregular entries in the Windows registry or incorrectly configured system settings. Some other reasons include corrupted and damaged system partition or even missing files in the system partition.
Seeing that windows fail to boot can be stressful and provoking especially when you in the middle of something that needs be done urgently, but there are several ways on how boot errors can be fixed. 
There are different types of boot errors asides the above mentioned depending on its cause which are;

  • Reboot and select proper boot device
  • Missing operating system
  • FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted
  • Invalid partition table and even no bootable disk found

Please take note that no bootable image found is not the same as no bootable disk found.

Depending on the type of error and how severe it is, some version of windows can recover from these problems by automatically running a startup repair. Other ways include the use of physical disc (this happens if some computers do not have a recovery partition).

Bootable image not found is not much of a serious problem as I will be showing you how to fix the error and make your computer work properly again.

How to fix no bootable image found, notebook will be shut down

Once you see this on your startup screen, repeatedly press the f10 key (BIOS Setup). This might not work at first as your PC might shut down really fast but don't worry, turn it back on and press the f10 repeatedly until the BIOS setup screen shows.
Depending on the PC the BIOS Setup could come up as MAIN, SECURITY, ADVANCED, while in most PC's its always as FILE, SECURITY, SYSTEM CONFIGURATION(mostly for windows 10 users).

Navigate to System Configuration, untick the Secure Boot, and then select Legacy as boot option. Please do be careful at this point and make sure you select Legacy because failure to select the right option could lead to your PC developing a severe fault or even crashing completely.

Then save and exit and that's it, your windows 10 automatically shuts down and is restored and comes back online.

I personally had this challenge on my PC and this was the same method i used to resolve the issue. It wasn't easy as I never had encountered that before. I had difficulty with understanding how to go about due to different solutions published on different sites but fortunately, a friend helped out and such I have decided to share.

NOTE: The above solution would work if the reason for the boot error is a minor and not a severe cause.


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