MeaVana - Customize Your Tab

Meavana is a productivity tool available on the chrome extension which helps customize your browser tab, turning it into an all-new beautiful dashboard. It has got an amazing user interface and design. It is convenient, lightweight, clear, user-friendly, and easy to use.

MeaVana is not just a productivity tool but also an innovative tool. It has got basic productive tools and made them all accessible in a place rather than having to search for some of these tools on your computer. That's way so much easy and cool if you ask me...

It customizes your tab by beautifying and replacing your tab with a new theme mostly pictures that changes daily, productivity tools like; a google search bar, notes, a to-do list, bookmark list, clock app, a widget for a variety of inbuilt apps, weather access, a share icon, daily photo credit of very beautiful surroundings from around the world. You just have to love an app like this. 

Although MeaVana is new, it is fast growing with a number of over 200 users already, and if I have to be honest, even though Meavana which customizes your tab is new, it is one of the best basic utilities and productivity apps I have seen on the chrome extension.

Awesome visualization, beautiful variety of pictures, options for customization, easy accessibility and so much more. It got really good reviews on its page on chrome and you would not and shouldn't miss out. I'd be writing some amazing features about MeaVana in my upcoming posts, so endeavor to check back so you don't miss out, and do not forget to share guys. 

Navigate to the chrome web store right away and have a good feel of the amazing features MeaVana offers, and do not forget to give your reviews about the app. 

Remember like I said, you'd love it... Share your thoughts and suggestions 

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