Tips on how to reduce mobile Internet device data on your Android phone

Everyone loves to use something good, not only just that but works efficiently too. Smartphones aren't an exception to this as well as we all love to use a good smartphone which is durable with nice specs. But it's not easy as it seems maintaining Smartphones nowadays, especially when it comes to data plans, because it really does not make any sense using a phone when mobile data plan is exhausted already or can't even afford an unlimited data plan as it's expensive.

Recently made Smartphones really consumes data a lot, which is why sometimes data plan seem not to be enough. But still it can be managed if used efficiently. Most people use Smartphones, subscribe to a normal data plan and end up using it anyhow, hence exhausting their mobile Internet device data untimely.

Going for unlimited plans are kind of expensive too, as some of us are afraid of using up our monthly mobile Internet device data allowance, due to the fact that most can't afford it. But what if I make you believe that you can still cut your mobile data usage, hence lasting long enough as you don't have to worry about your monthly data plan usage with the tips I'm about to share with you. I have come up with some tips which worked for me and decided to share it with you. So now I will be sharing some tips on how your mobile internet device data plan usage can be reduced on your Android smartphone. Below are some of the tips.

Compressing of Chrome pages

Making use of Chrome for your Web traffic alone is capable of saving you 30 - 35 percent of your mobile browser data consumption. There is a Data Saver option in the Chrome browser which compresses Web pages before loading them in your browser. Although, making use of Data Saver slows things down a bit, but getting quickly used to it is certain, as your data lasts much longer using this feature. It's worth it actually even if it has to delay a bit, one thing for sure is that your data usage is made minimal. To make use of this in your Chrome Browser, Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner, navigate to Settings on your Chrome, and then to Data Saver. A graph for data savings is usually displayed, so make sure you keep an eye on it to see how it amazingly works.

Stop using the Facebook app

This might actually sound unusual or not right to some of you,but yes that's the truth. The Facebook app is well known among smartphone users, as it is famous on every smartphone like BlackBerry devices, iOS devices, Android devices and the likes. Facebook app is one of the apps which consumes data a lot, as well as quick battery drainage too. Though there are lots of other Facebook apps too, but they all are just the same. And same as the official version, as they consume huge amount of data. Even the likes of Facebook Lite which claims to reduce data consumption by 50% still consumes much data. So what should be done to stop this? I suggest using a Web browser is enough, as it doesn't consume data unlike the apps. You can create a shortcut on your Chrome browser. To do this, open Facebook in Chrome, select the overflow menu, and click Add to Home Screen. This way your data is well saved and don't forget using Chrome is another added advantage as it all supports the Data Saver as explained earlier.

Make use of Opera's video compression

The latest Opera for Android browser now has useful video compression option, which means that a lot of data can be saved using this feature, if you are the type that frequently watch movies. To enable this, download the Opera browser on your Android Smartphone, navigate to settings, select Data Savings, then tick the box which shows the video compression option. Using this does not only save you data, but also means that videos are likely to load faster too.

Only use offline apps and games

There are some games and apps which requires constant Internet access to work properly, which could be as a security measure or because they need to retrieve data constantly. Such apps and games should be avoided as they also consume data a lot. Make sure to get or download apps and games which do not require Internet access after downloading, or installing them on your Android Smartphone.

Background data restriction

Enabling your apps or the Android itself to restrict data background is the easiest way to save data on your smartphone. Background data is the Internet traffic which runs when you are actually not making use any app like feeds update, email sync, widgets of any kind and so on. To make your Android smartphone restrict background data, simply navigate to Settings > Data usage > Restrict background data. Also individual sync settings can be changed for Google services by navigating to Settings, click on Accounts, select Google, select the account and then disable the services you don't want automatic sync for.

Disable auto updating apps

The Google Play app update also consumes a huge amount of data when it's on. If the Play Store is set to auto app update, this could consume your data a lot without you having any slightest chance of knowing. To disable this, go to the Play Store, swipe out the left hand navigation drawer, click on Settings at the top, the Auto Update apps will be visible to you. Click on it and make sure you set it to either 'Do not auto update apps' or ' Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only'. To also manage apps individually, navigate to my Apps, select an app and click on the overflow menu to check, or disable Auto Update.

Get some music on your phone

Streaming online is another huge data killer on services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Vine and other music and video sites. If you have a tune or an album you listen to most times whether at work, home or anywhere, downloading it on your phone and listening to it offline would be much a better idea, as it saves a huge data than streaming if drop the Web. So if your phone doesn't have a microSD or enough space to save music or videos, using a microSD adapter is better, as you can save music for offline listening and does not require much space on your phone. If you can caution the habit of streaming online, you are rest assured that a lot of data will saved, hence reducing data consumption.

Identify high consuming apps and limit/remove

There are some apps which consumes data a lot in the background and foreground, therefore it's advisable to always monitor which of the apps consumes the most, so as to limit or remove it. This can be achieved by navigating to Settings on your phone, then select Data usage where a list apps are displayed along with the data they have consumed over the time used. This tips is very useful for knowing the apps you should restrict. For example, I have over 300MB emails downloaded by yahoo mail in the background, if I feel like I didn't use this app that much to provide me with such amount of data consumed, I could remove the app or limit it's sync often, or even prevent it from downloading attachments. That's an example to know exactly what I am talking about, and all of this helps reduce data consumption considerably.

Don't Download, Upload or send pictures or videos

Unless your data plan Is capable of handling this, don't just go about doing any of the above mentioned, on your phone. Of course it seems almost impossible, true and that's why I said except if your data can handle it well. Modern Smartphones have a high definition footage which can take as much as 200MB worth of data,which simply means just a picture could take up to 40MB, let alone of saying a video, you can just imagine how greatly the data is going to be consumed. Uploading all this to Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and the likes consumes a lot of data, so not doing any of this can also save you data.

Make use of the Opera Max Data Management app

Now you really are going to enjoy this I'm about to give you. For some of you who can't adapt to all the tips mentioned above like watching of videos, music and the likes, Opera Max of going to make it possible to still do all those things you love. Opera Max is a wonderful app which makes you sword less data white watching videos on YouTube, Netflix and other video sites. It has a faster Wi-Fi experience, and also makes you have a complete control of data usage by apps on your phone. Read to know more and download the Opera Max for your Android Smartphone here.
I have used the Tips I just shared with you and has really helped me save a lot of data on my phone, though individual plan may vary, this tips for sure will help you also save a lot of data on your phone.

If you have some other amazing tips also, share it with us by posting a comment. Registered & Protected 

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