Awesome tips about your Nexus 5X and how to use it more efficiently

The Nexus smartphone is owned by Google,and in the past years different versions of the smartphone has been made. But now i will be talking about the Nexus 5X, and sharing tips on how you can get to know about it, and use it more better. Most people are using this cool smartphone but yet find it hard to get the most out of it.

The Nexus 5X smartphone is actually owned by Google as said earlier but manufactured by LG electronics for Google. Its design is no much different from its predecessor,that is the Nexus 5. Nexus 5X is also one of the top smartphones to run  Google's latest version of Android Marshmallow 6.0. 

Despite the design of Nexus 5X being similar to the Nexus 5, it is also a a successor to it which comes with awesome features, some which are similar to Nexus 5, and some comes from the Googles latest Android Marshmallow 6.0. So i ll be sharing some tips for those of you that owns a Nexus 5X and how use it more better. Below are some of the tips to getting most out of your Nexus 5X.

Quick Camera Launch

Launching the camera is quick on Nexus 5X, which is one of the features it offers. Even when the phone is locked, the camera can still be launched just by double tapping the power button. Photo's can also be taken when the camera app is open, by tapping Volume down. This feature is always turned On by default, but you can chose to disable it, if you feel you do not need the feature by navigating to the Settings on your phone then select Display, then toggle Quick Launch to off.

The Smart Lock setup

The smart lock is an awesome feature on the Nexus 5X, which lets you enable certain places as trusted sites, just like the picture password on Blackberry 10 devices but just a bit different, as the Nexus 5X smart lock works on location. The locations which you have set are used to unlock the device without  having the cause to enter your password or pin. For example your home or work place can be set as a trusted location, and your Nexus 5X gets to unlock whenever you in that location. Which means that apart from the locations you have set as trusted, for any other location the device will be locked, unless you in the locations you set as trusted. To enable this awesome feature, navigate to Settings, click on Security , select Smart lock, click on Trusted place, then add Trusted place. So add your home or any location else where you do not want your phone to get locked, so you do not have to enter your Pin when you there.

Has an active LED Notification Light

The Nexus 5X comes with a RGB( red, green, blue) LED notification light which pops up or blinks at every unread notification to get your attention. This also is a cool feature which reminds you of notifications pending. To activate this feature, navigate to Settings, click on Sound and Notification, then toggle the switch next to Pulse notification light. Also if you wish to further customize it, a third party app can be used called Light Flow  because Google does not give or provide an option for further customization in Android.

Managing App Permissions

In my recent post about Android Marshmallow 6.0, i made mention of this feature as it lets you manage app permissions. So to say, with the Nexus 5X running on the Android Marshmallow, app permissions can be managed, which means that you have total control over what apps are allowed to do on your Nexus 5X. To make use of this feature navigate to Settings, click on App and select the Cog (gear icon) in the upper  right corner and click on App permissions. A list of apps which have permissions will be visible to you and you can turn ON and OFF to allow or cancel the permission.

Google Now on Tap feature

This feature was also made mention of in my last post about Android Marshmallow 6.0. The Marshmallow OS added new features to the Nexus 5X, which makes the Now on Tap feature one of them. This feature provides you with quick information, based on what you doing on your phone without having the cause to leave the app you making use of. By just holding down the home button, Google takes a look at what is on screen and comes up with related details,apps and possible actions. Making use of this feature is not hard, all you need to do is to navigate to Settings on your phone, select Google, click on Search and  Now, then Now cards, click on Now on Tap. Once it has been enabled, just tap and hold the home button to activate or launch it.

Fingerprint Sensor Feature

The Nexus 5X also comes with the fingerprint scanner which permits users to unlock their phones with a fingerprint instead of a Pin. This really is an awesome feature of the Nexus 5X, i would say Android made easy with more fun and uses. The fingerprint sensor can also be used to pay for items using Android Pay. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings, click on Security, click on Nexus Imprint, add Fingerprint and continue with whatever you want to do.

4K Video Record

4K simply means ultra high definition for some who do not know, you can just imagine how it looks like by being able to record a video with a 4k format. The video really is going to really make sense as its an ultra high definition mode which is even higher than high definition mode. Nexus 5X lets you record 4K videos, but you need to turn it ON as its Off by default. To do this navigate to Settings menu in your camera app, Click on Resolution and Quality, select the Back Camera video, then click on UHD 4K(ultra high definition) and you be good to start a video record with 4K feature.

 Message on lock screen

Another feature of the Nexus 5X is the ability to use a Lock screen message, which allows you to add your own message on the lock screen of your phone. This also works like Blackberry too, as the message appears under the date and time on your display screen while the phone is locked. Your text is seen scrolling below time and date on the screen which is locked. navigate to Settings, select Security, then Lock screen message to make use of this feature.

 Photos can be taken while Recording

This also is an amazing feature on the Nexus 5X as photos can be taken while recording a video. When recording a video, just click on the screen whenever you want to take a snapshot and the image is automatically saved to your phones device storage. This really is cool.

Tap and Pay feature

The Fingerprint scanner feature on Nexus 5X can also be used with the Tap and Pay  for some wireless payment by making use of NFC technology( near field communication). To make use of this feature you need to enable the NFC, by navigating to Settings, select Wireless and Network, more, then NFC. Also register a finger print by navigating to Settings, click on Security, then Nexus Imprint.
With this tips i have shared you should not have any problems anymore about your Nexus 5X, as with this you can get the most out of your devices. I ll keep up with more updates as it comes. cheers. Registered & Protected 

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