The best Offline Android mobile apps

Almost every Android mobile apps or smartphone apps available requires an Internet access, to be more useful and work efficiently. It's hard to get an app that doesn't require an internet connection, because the Internet they make use of could be as a security measure or most times to retrieve data constantly to keep you updated.

But it's not every time you always have Internet access, as there are still some places where getting a Wi-Fi or mobile data is hard to come by, or in some places where you go to and the signal strength is so low that you are unable to access the Internet. How do you go about it? How do you survive without the Internet?

It's impossible actually to survive without the Internet, when using Android mobile apps as most of them needs Internet access to function properly. Still there are some apps which are quite useful and would work properly without the Internet for days.
Here I will be sharing with you some few but good Android mobile apps that works for days without Internet access, when you have a challenge concerning Internet access. The list of the best Offline Android mobile apps is as follows

AccuWeather: Best offline Android mobile app

To be honest, there isn't anything like a truly offline weather app. AccuWeather is not an exception as it needs to be used online at some point. But still AccuWeather is among the list of apps selected to work best for you, even when you offline for days.
AccuWeather provides an accurate forecast at least 15 days, signifying that it can be used for the weeks without Internet access. Even when you Offline, you still get some indication of forecast of various places on your Android phone. Isn't this awesome?AccuWeather is known by most Smartphone users, so if you do not have it yet go get the Android mobile app at Play Store.

Amazon Kindle: Best android mobile app ebook reader

Ebook apps reader are excellent offline apps which can keep you occupied for hours without any need for Internet access. Kindle works efficiently as it gives you quick access to thousands of digital books, and also comes with all the options needed for a good reading experience, making it one of the best. Get a free book or buy, download it to your device and you can read anytime you want, without the need to connect to the Internet again.
Click here to download the Amazon kindle for your Android phone.

Google Drive: Best Android offline document app

Google drive is one of the best cloud storage services leading in the world, as you can store your files online, and also let's you download files and documents to your device. All this files can be worked on offline, and automatically sync back up into the cloud whenever you have access to Internet again. To do this, click the 'i' option icon of a file in Google drive, click on the switch next to keep on device. You can repeat this as much times as you like, and Google drive let's you work on them away from the cloud.

Spotify: Best music offline app

This app is one of the best music apps, as it gives you access to millions of tracks. With this music app, you can set play lists to sync in the background, which simply makes music automatically available when you are offline. Also it has an added feature which makes it easy for you to assign all the music to a microSD card, if you don't want occupying your phones device storage.
The premium subscription per month is US$9.99, but it's excellent feature makes it one of the best Android mobile app . To get Spotify app for your Android phone click here

Google translate: Best Android offline translation app

Google has added so many products to their services making it much more easier to use. Google translate really has been so helpful when it comes to translating several languages to yours. It is one of the easiest and most effective translators to use. Google translate supports over 90 languages, which you can speak or type to get things translated. Most of the key features are available offline, provided you download the languages you are looking to translate between.
Google translate also let's you save your translations, and also refer back to them later on. To get the Google translate on your Android Smartphone click here

Offline Dictionaries: Best Offline Android dictionary app

This dictionary really is an very useful app. It is a free Android mobile app which is distinct among other diction apps due it's large database of synonyms. It also has over 50 languages supported on it making it better to use.
It also serve as a means of communication, if you in a country that you don't understand the language. The app doesn't require Internet connectivity also once you download all the languages needed by you. You can always make use of the app without having the need to worry anymore. To download the app click here.

Trip Advisor Hotels Flights : Best Android Travel offline app

I recommend using TripAdvisor when it comes to travel apps. It offers a wide range of reviews, photos and feedback from other travellers. It is also supported by a thriving community, and also ranks attractions and activities based on people's say. Unlike before when it used to have a dedicated city guides which needs to be downloaded externally, all of this feature is now made into the TripAdvisor app. Other features include offline access to reviews, maps and also photos of over 300 cities. To download TripAdvisor app for your Android smartphone click here.

Pocket App: Best Offline android mobile app for later uses

One of the most popular reading offline apps on Google Play Store is Pocket. It has so many useful and important features, as it can be used to download videos, articles and any online content you need on your device, then read later offline. This can be done on the app by simply clicking on the share button on the article or whatever you want to save and select Pocket to read later. The Pocket comes along with a beautifully, attractive designed interface, which makes it fun for you to use while reading or watching any of the contents downloaded online. The app is a must have and to download it click here.

All the apps mentioned above work very efficiently, and are a must for every Android user, as you can use then offline without having issues. Make sure you download them and enjoy cheers.

You think you know other useful Android apps which are good to use offline? Share your thoughts about them in the comments. Registered & Protected 

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