How to get the ESN/IMEI/SERIAL number on your Smartphone - Iphone Android BlackBerry devices

 Today i ll be sharing with you how you can locate/get the ESN, IMEI, and SERIAL number on your mobile device. Most people use different smartphones without knowing how to locate the above mentioned numbers, some do not even know what it is and that is why i ll be sharing the tips of how, what they are,and how you can find them on your respective devices.

              ESN/IMEI/SERIAL number are unique codes attached to every mobile device to  identify them from one another.Smartphones such as Iphones and Androids and other devices have a unique identification number which distinguishes them from one another,just like electronic tools have theirs, serial numbers are likewise assigned to mobile devices at the factory.

IMEI number which stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity can be seen on mobile phones and used to identify an individual handset. 
ESN which means Electronic Serial Numbers can be seen on some mobile phones assigned by the Telecommunications Industry of America which is an Industry trade group.
Serial numbers are sometimes hard to find on electronic devices as most of the time the numbers are visible on the outside of the device and on some devices which displays information on a screen the serial number can be seen as part of the Settings or About information. Below are some tips and ways for finding the numbers on your device.

How to locate serial number on Iphone

Iphone's serial number can be seen or found on the outside of the mobile device, but there are some mobile carriers which uses  phones that the serial numbers are inscribed on the outside surface. The serial number is can be see on those kind of phones as part of the information displayed on the About screen.

 On the outside device 

On iphone 5c,5s and 5:

The IMEI can be found on the back of the device close to the bottom. The MEID(Mobile Equipment Identity) number which is almost  same as IMEI in some devices uses the first 14 digits of the IMEI number,omitting the last digit.

Iphone 3G,3GS,and 4(GSM model):
The IMEI and serial number can be seen on the SIM tray

Original iphone:
The Serial and IMEI numbers can be seen printed at the back of the device close to the bottom
visit the  visit the Apple support website. for images and location of these numbers

On the About screen
The Serial number,IMEI,ESN, and MEID numbers can be found on the Iphones About screen. Just follow the tips to find the numbers:

1. Navigate to settings on  your iphone 
2. Click General
3. Select About
4. The ID numbers will be visible to you on that screen

 On Android device

There are variations to where the Serial/IMEI/ESN numbers show on Androids as some show up on the outside and can be identified through the Applications tab of the device.Just like iphones too some can be seen on the outside of the device and some on the settings screen.

On the outside of the device
Due to the fact that companies making Android phones are just few, providing device specific information on the location of the Serial/IMEI/ESN numbers for all those devices is difficult. So to say the numbers can be found on the back of the device or under the devices battery. Some could also be found on the outside if you take your time to look carefully. And for some having trouble finding it on your device visit the Support center of the device manufacturers website for help.

 On the Settings Screen
The IMEI number can be located on the setting screen of some Android devices. To find it follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Applications tab on your Android device
2. Click About phone
3. Click on status 
4. The IMEI and ESN numbers is then shown on the screen

On BlackBerry 10 device
Blackberry consists of the IMEI,MEID, and the Serial number and they can all be found on the About screen by navigating to settings on the is a screen shot below

How to get the ESN/IMEI/SERIAL number on your Smartphone Iphone Android BlackBerry devices
On the Settings screen
The IMEI,MEID, and Serial number can be located on the settings screen and on the about page as shown above to find it follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to the settings screen on  your device
2. Click About 
3. Then on category click General to view the serial number. though category is always on General automatically.
4.Click on Hardware to view the IMEI and MEID numbers on your device respectively as shown.

 With this i have shared I believe it will help you to know the meaning of this numbers and more so how you can locate them on your respective device and not be a novice to them anymore. Always remember to check as i ll keep updating more interesting tips. cheers. Registered & Protected 

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