Tips to follow when trading a phone for another

Are you looking forward to changing your used smartphone for another by an exchange with your friend, family member, colleague at work, service provider or by going to a local retailer store? And probably you do not know the steps to take to ensure safe security of your data, pictures, apps, music, videos and the likes you have on your phone before handing it over for trading, then i believe you are in the right place, as i ll be sharing with you tips to follow to ensure safe security of your files and data.

So many people trade their phones every now and then without taking safe measures of their files and data, because they believe its not necessary leaving behind their apps and files while trading for another. I must say that really is not good enough, as your files and data getting into the wrong hands could pose a threat to you being not secure. As such we need to ensure and take measures to securing our phones before trading.

 Below are some of the tips i believe is needed  for you to take before trading your phone

1. Backing Up your Data on your Phone – Some people already know how to backup or setup their phone to automatic sync to an online service like their Google account or iCloud . But still backing up your data manually is important as you can never be too sure,so i suggest you backup your data manually by creating a backup using tools provided by your smartphones manufacturer like Windows Phone Desktop App for windows phone, Apple’s iTunes for iphones, Samsung’s Kies Samsung phones and the likes for other phones just like the ones provided above. This should be the  first step to take always on your phone whenever you trading for another.

2. Do a Factory Reset– Factory reset is very important before trading your phone for another as it wipes away every sort  of information on your device. Resetting your phone will wipe the phone including your personal data and all of your installed apps you have on your phone,which also resets the phone back to its default state just like when you bought it new. Each Smartphone have different way of doing a factory reset though not too different. 

  iPhone  – For iOs devices, navigate to Settings on the phone, then select General,then Reset. Then select Erase all content and settings. That is all, your phone has been restored to default.

  Windows Phone  – Navigate to the Applications list and click on Settings. click on the About then Reset your phone. A message pops up asking you to click on yes or no as warnings about the data loss, provided you already did a backup you click on yes and your phone is reset back to default.
   Android  – In this case, make sure your data is encrypted before doing a reset on your phone. Navigate to Settings and select Security, click on Encrypt phone. Once the phone is finished processing, navigate back to Settings select Backup and Reset, click on Factory data reset.  

   BlackBerry  – Navigate to Settings screen on your phone, click on the Security and Privacy, select Security wipe, select Delete data. Thats it all your files and apps are deleted and the phone is restored back to default

3. Change your Account Passwords – This only implies as an added advantage or extra protection,make sure that you change important passwords like your Apple,Google or Windows account that you might have saved on your smartphone. Though a factory reset should remove all of your data files and passwords too but i added this so as  an extra protection like i mentioned earlier. Also make sure your phone is removed from services like Find My iPhone, Blackberry protect and the likes since you no longer making use of it.
 With all these tips i provide you, you should not have any problem anymore concerning security as you can with rest of mind trade out your phone for another. Registered & Protected 

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