Tips on how to save kids addicted to gadgets: phones,computer,video games

 We are in a changed world with modern technology at hand. Things have changed quite much, and that is why kids cant be stopped from using tech devices in this era,as we are  in a modern tech world which even they also need to be familiar with so as not be left out and also be a novice to tech and science world, as it is widely used in various areas including schools,colleges,universities,polytechnics even in our daily life activities. 

But this issue has kept most parents worried as they can no longer control their kids due to the fact that they have been addicted to gadgets and are no longer focused in whatever they do as they are always distracted, and some parents do not even know that their kids are addicted already due to the fact they are always busy and did not notice, while also some parents do not know as their children have been pretending to them and as such they have not been able to discover that their kids are addicted already to gadgets.
 So now i ll be sharing with you tips on how to confirm when kids are addictive, side effects of addiction to gadgets, common reasons why they kids get addicted and lastly how to counter the issue of addiction

 How to save kids from gadget addiction

 1. How to confirm when a kid is addicted to gadget: "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy but also all play and no work makes jack a mere toy".  Everyone knows what this proverb means,there is time for everything but when the child is meant to engage in one activity or the other like doing his homework or other house activities, the child is instead always busy watching TV,playing video games, busy with  a smartphone or tablet. The child also keeps getting angry or cry when he/she  gets distracted especially when he/she is been called to do something  or told to stop playing video games or watching TV. sometimes the child annoyingly throws whatever he sees around him away,even sometimes blackmail anyone else in the house all because he/she just wants to have his way. All this are quick detection to knowing when a kid is addicted.

2. Side effects of gadget addiction on kids: This is a serious issue which needs to be well taken care of with immediate solution. When a child is addicted already to gadget it becomes very hard for the child to be focused in whatever he/she does as it causes less concentration on studies and other educational aspects, it also makes a child get angry at every little thing when he is distracted or called, it highly affects their eye vision too through constant viewing making them four eyes later by using recommended glasses before they can see, a child also gets sick often as he/she does not get to exercise his body instead prefers sitting in a position, also kids addicted to gadgets are not always much social.

3. Some common reasons why kids becomes gadget addicted: Kids do not just get addicted to gadgets of course something must have caused it or made them that way. Some of the reasons are because parents are busy with their work, friends and as such do not have much time for their kids, when kids are not getting must interest in studying and wants to spend time with something else, kids are sometimes lonely and at that time theirs no one to play or talk to. All this are common reasons when a child is lonely not getting any attention from parents when they need them because parents are just too busy, they then engage in  something else that keeps them busy as such getting them addicted.

4. How to stop kids from getting addicted to gadgets: Parents should always try to spend more time with their kids, get them engaged in other useful activities they ll benefit from hence making kids have a less free time. Parents also need to always help kids in their studies by assisting them with their  homework from school. Kids should be permitted to play educational games or other games that does not involve video games with their neighbors kids, also a schedule should be made as when to watch TV. Parents should also sometimes take them out for a walk, to parks, or play outdoor games when they are free and also video games console such as XBOX, PlayStation and the likes should be played only during weekends or when they on vacation. 

Password should be set on computers,tablets and smartphones and they should not get to know the password, computers and tablets also should not be kept in their bedrooms. 

With all this i have shared i believe this should work for any of your kids that is already addicted to gadgets and try not to let them use any device excessively as a proverb says "Excess of anything is bad". Registered & Protected 

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