How to stop running Android apps in the background

uninstall running background apps

Most people have had several issues on excessive battery and data consumption due to running apps in the background on their android smartphone. It has become a challenge as most users don't know how to make this stop, hence saving their battery life and data plan becomes impossible.
Many apps that run in the background do so for good reason like providing data location, syncing or otherwise what they were designed to do.

But not always or actually all of them does that as some just run in the background for no exact good reason. Good examples of some of this apps are like Facebook, instagram and other alike apps that still run in the background when you really don't need them.

I for my part don't see any reason why this kind of apps should still be running in the background when I can always log on anytime I want to keep myself updated, the only thing this kind of running apps do is to refresh feeds, updates and the likes which is really of not much importance.
If you want to know which of the apps are running excessive background processes or would like to stop running apps in the background entirely, below is how you can do that so read on.

Battery usage and Process stats

To get to know which apps are running background processes and how power consuming they are, both in terms of battery and processing, Android has the following built in options for monitoring:

- Enable Developer Options
To do this, navigate to Settings on your Android phone>click the About Device and tap the Build number until you are notified that the Developer Options has been enabled.

- Navigate to Settings, then click on Developer Options> Process stats to view how much of the time your key apps are running. Tap any of the apps to see how much RAM it's using.

- Go to Settings> then Battery and tap individual running apps to see their battery consumption.

Running apps in the background which needs to be closed

The main apps which are actually guilty of background memory and battery usage are music players you are not using and games you are not playing. Like I said earlier on, if there's no good reason for an app to run in the background, it would be best for you to close the app.
Generally and important, apps or services which starts with the word Google should be left running, though important/essential services won't let you stop them from running anyway, but the following apps shouldn't be stopped either and allowed to run.

- Google Play services, Google Contacts Sync, Google Keyboard, Google Play Store, Google Search.

The Process stats list will actually help you with which apps you want to leave running in the background based on how much you use them. The list provided above will help to stop services which aren't important such as the Google Play Music.

How to stop, disable and uninstall running apps in the background

If there's an app you have on your Android which you think is using an unreasonable amount of processor power or seems to run in the background more than it should, you can;

- Disable it in your App Manager
Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application manager, tap the app then click on disable.

- Recent apps can be closed by tapping rhe Recent Apps navigation button on your Android phone(to the right of the home button), then swipe left or right to close apps you ran recently.

- Force Stop it
Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application manager, swipe right to the Running tab, tap the app then click Force Stop OR

- From your phone Delete it by navigating to Settings > Applications > Application manager, tap the app then click uninstall.

NOTE: Apps which aren't necessary should be stopped to avoid excessive usage of RAM, battery and prevent your phone from suddenly crashing.

Making use of Greenify

Greenify is an app which allows you put apps to sleep when they are not in use, so to say an hibernation app. It's basically an automated version of force disabling or closing apps every time you stop using them and then turning them back on when you need to make use of them.
Doing all this is quite stressful, hence if you talking about one of the best management apps around, then Greenify is.
You actually need root access for you to get full benefits of Greenify on your Android phone, which simply means your phone needs to be rooted.
For example, non-rooted users won't be able to automatically hibernate apps, but can flick a widget switch simply to put your apps to sleep. If you really care and concerned about your phone in terms of managing your background processes, Greenify would be of good help. Click Greenify for your Android.

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Best offline GPS and navigation apps for Android

Considering the number of relatively various apps developed in the Android world, GPS and navigation apps seem to be the most useful arguably, as whosoever has faced the challenge of getting lost would know what I'm talking about and how very useful GPS and navigation apps seem to be. There seem to be so many of the GPS and navigation apps available for Android, some works cool, nice and efficient and some don't.
Some of the GPS and navigation apps are to be paid for as they can't even be used offline except online.

It is a major challenge as one can't always be online and as such the app can't be used. We have selected few of the GPS and navigation apps which can be used offline and considered to be the best among others.
To get to know which of the GPS and navigation apps is actually reliable and efficient, read on for our selection of the best offline Android GPS and navigation apps.

Google Maps

Thinking about looking for an offline navigation app? Google Maps would be a good one for you.
With their newly updated feature, Google Maps let's you download several areas of the map for use offline, which also includes use with navigation too.
This feature seems to be a big and welcome addition, as it works as it would when you online, except for the fact you don't get traffic information. Aside from this it works perfectly fine and you going to love it, as such you don't have to worry even when you offline and you need it badly. Just make sure you download the area you actually need before leaving home and you be good to go. Click here to get Google Maps for your Android.

Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic

Waze GPS app is a free navigation app which relies on its community for its traffic information, as it's also one of the most popular apps of its kind on PlayStore. Provided you already a member of the Waze community, accidents, road closure and police traps can be reported, which also gets cross referenced with other users input and broadcast for other users. It has a cool interface and few extra features, such as showing a point based system and cheapest gas stations en route, and also being an active member of the community makes you get more rank. Download Waze GPS Maps &Traffic for your Android.

Here Maps-Offine Navigation

Here Maps is developed by Nokia and came from those once lofty devices. Here Maps allows you download maps of entire countries which can then be used offline as you would online. Though registration is needed to download maps, but once done with that you can download as many as you want. So registering won't take much of your time since its even free. It offers an interface or beauty different to many other GPS and navigation apps, and some might prefer it like that. It's certainly worth trying out for as it's undoubtedly an excellent app. Click Here Maps for download.

GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic

Clearly with a good reason, Sygic is one of the most popular offline navigation apps on Android. The app offers a high definition maps for most countries in the world, and also came in an update which brings it more in line with the Android Lollipop( making it easier to use than ever). Recently most of its features don't come free, though maps are offered for free, but extra features such as live traffic information, extra navigation voices and regular updates all come at a price.

Maps.Me - Offline Map & Routing

Maps.Me used to be a paid app worth US$4.99 price tag on Play Store, and now imagine how delightful it is now that the app is absolutely free. It is highly recommended to pick this up if you haven't, because not only is it one of the best android map apps available, but works fine, cool and efficient offline and includes points of interest such as ATMs, petrol stations, subway stations and many more, as well as a clear and simple UI(user interface). For this app to be sold at US$4.99 and now absolutely made free, it's worth all the download. Click Maps.Me for download.

Navmii GPS World ( Navfree)

Formerly known as Navfree, the app supports features such as offline search, neat interface and voice navigation with a similar resemblance to Android( complete with iconic hamburger menu). It provides a great looking HD maps for more than 30 countries and integrates with Google Street View and Foursquare. Included is the community map reports, OSMap( Open Street Map) and a real time traffic information, that can be used offline. Click Navmii GPS World for download

MapFactor: GPS Navigation

MapFactor makes use of OSMaps ( open Street maps) data, which is installed on your device as you won't be needing Internet connection when in use. MapFactor offers features such as voice navigation in different languages, turn by turn directions, and option to change your route depending on whether you walking, driving a truck or car. An extra feature also include audible noise warnings when you approach speed cameras. It's worth every download as you can click MapFactor GPS for download

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS offers offline maps for the entire planet so to say. CoPilot is capable of sync with social network accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, sets turn by turn directions to scheduled events to attend. Though doesn't come for free, the first map is free( as you can choose from a specialized list) and also CoPilot functions in license form. By buying the premium version, you get 12 months traffic information for free too.

Lets know in the comment section if you know of a better GPS or navigation app.

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