NFC : It's facts and why you should use it

NFC has been in existence for some time now, as it's been developed in some smartphones like the Blackberry devices. Nowadays, it's hard to come across a smartphone that doesn't support NFC. I know you must have heard of it often, but don't know how it is used while some don't even know it exists on their smartphone.
NFC is an acronym which simply means ( Near Field Communication).

NFC is a short range wireless RFID( Radio Frequency Identification) technology which enables the exchange of data between devices held a few centimeters from each other.
Unlike Bluetooth devices which only makes use of direct radio transmissions, NFC makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio fields.
The explanation above already describes what NFC is, but what is its usefulness? Here I will be sharing with you what NFC is all about and why you should use it.

What is NFC?

Like I mentioned earlier, NFC simply means Near Field Communication which is a means of making your phone interact with something close in range. It works within the radius of 4-10cm and permits a wireless connection between two devices. It's just like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but works differently, I would say more of Bluetooth. NFC doesn't need a Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE network to work properly, hence not cost to use. It permits a two way communication, with the devices involved being able to send and receive information.

Is it like Bluetooth?

They are alike actually as I mentioned earlier, as both Bluetooth and NFC offer a wireless 2 way transmission between devices and comes in recently or modern smartphones.
They differ though in some aspect, as Bluetooth has an operational range which is larger and divided into different classes, as it has the class 1 type which operates at 100m(330ft), the class 2 which is most common has an operating range of up to 10m(33ft in some instances), with the class 3 being the least having a range of up to 1m (3ft).
It consumes battery most times but getting better thanks to BLE ( Bluetooth Low Energy) development. Bluetooth takes a little long to setup as you need to add and pair devices, and also could be difficult a little to navigate in crowded situation, because of its wide range.

What can you use NFC for?

Mostly, NFC is typically used to listen to music via wireless speakers. In this aspect, NFC relies on the data transfer via Bluetooth, but the NFC is actually responsible for the initial connection of your smartphone to your speakers. This makes the connection effective without depending on Bluetooth paring of speaker and smartphones.

NFC tags connection

NFC tags are small stickers or tags that consists of NFC chips which can be programmed to give any kind of information to your smartphone. An NFC tag consists of links to Web address, and can also be set to perform certain actions with your smartphone, like turning off the Wi-Fi or ringer.

File transfer using NFC

With NFC you can transfer or send certain files between devices using the Android Beam app(android smartphones). In this aspect, NFC on some smartphones don't need Android Beam as they can send files just by placing the backs of the phones on each other like on Blackberry devices and others. To do this both devices need to have the Android Beam and enable NFC on both, then navigate to the file you wish to send, let's say a picture, and tap the devices together. That's it! There's no need to select any send via options, just the devices place back to back like I mentioned earlier, and when it asks to confirm the transfer tap the touch to beam. There exists a dedicated app you can also make use of known as the File Beam, and with this app it's much simpler and faster sending files between two devices. Click here to get the File Beam app for your Android.

Make payments with NFC

This aspect of NFC is going to be of good use soon, with the Tap and Pay feature it has. NFC payments are available in many stores across UK, US for purchases of £ 15 or less, by making use of the Android Pay app. All it needs is just tapping your phone against a terminal enabled. But some developing countries haven't started making use of it, as it's believed to be risky. Apple also included NFC antenna in their latest phones( first existed on iPhone 6) to work with its Apple Pay feature( and also will include same functionality in the Apple Watch). Click here to get he Android pay app for your Android smartphone.

How do you know if your phone supports NFC

It actually depends on the type of phone you are using, but as I mentioned earlier it's hard to see a modern smartphone that doesn't have NFC, as most smartphones now come with NFC. But still to know if your phone supports NFC, you can navigate to Settings> Wireless and Networks to see if NFC is listed. There you can see if it has or not.
NFC enables quick way of setting up connections between devices and also provides the fastest solution for file transfer between smartphones close in range.

Do you use NFC on your smartphone? How did you make use of it? Let's hear your thoughts from the comment section.

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Best free instant messaging Apps for your Smartphone, Android

Operating systems of different phones and their advancement has given rise to so many applications, including instant messaging apps to satisfy the need of users. Different OS of phones such as Android OS, BlackBerry OS, iOS, and others have different apps developed for them to ease their users and make life comfortable.
There are so many instant messenging apps which have been developed for different OS of phones which includes the likes of the famous whatsApp, Skype, Wechat etc.

Of course you can't download all the instant messaging apps on your phone, as it occupies a large storage space. But the fact is how do you choose or know which is best for you as their exists so many of them?

Well it is believed that WhatsApp of course is the best and most used among instant messaging apps out there. But WhatsApp isn't the only instant messenger app which is best. There are other tons of free chat apps which are also good apart from whatsapp
So I will be sharing with you the best chat apps Android has to offer, so you can choose which is deemed fit to your needs. Here are the best instant messaging apps for Android.

WhatsApp: Best free instant message app

WhatsApp is far known to be the best all round app for messaging, as it's free and it delivers messages so fast. Though WhatsApp doesn't contain rich featured content like some of the free instant messaging apps I will be mentioning still, it can't be surpassed for simplicity, total number of contacts using it and it's reliability. It's so rare before you see a Smartphone without WhatsApp on it, as every user consider it a must have on their respective devices.
With WhatsApp you don't need to add contacts manually as it makes use of your existing contacts. Stickers, emojis, media and written messages can be sent including group messages and broadcast.
WhatsApp let's you to make free calls to your contacts and with its latest update, you can make use of Google Drive to backup your chats, and files too. Click here to get WhatsApp for your Android.

WeChat App: Best Chat app

WeChat works like other messaging apps and best for expanding your network that is, it tries to expand your network with contacts who are nearby. You could find someone who's looking for a new friend on WeChat by just shaking your phone. So you can decide to add them or not to.
WeChat has a Friend Radar which you can use to find friends that are nearby and meet up with them.
Using the Friend Radar feature, a radar pops up on the app and finds friends in your area, as you can chat with them once you see them or meet them in person if you like. To get the WeChat app for your Android click here

BBM: free instant messaging app

Android platform was able to get BlackBerry's messaging service after waiting over a long period of time. Though BBM doesn't have looks of an Android, still it has some very cool features to offer which includes, the always on service( app not needed to open before using it), retractable and timed messages, two way opt in( no one can message you unless you allow them), emoticons, broadcast messages, delivery reporting, groups, and so much more. What really makes it an attractive messaging option is the fact that you can choose who can message you, instead of making it available for anyone with your number. To get BBM for your Android click here.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger is an official Facebook instant messaging app which is made to deliver a faster, cleaner service and interface. It's kind of like WhatsApp , but instead instantly connects you to all of your Facebook contacts, making it easy and convenient to use.
The recent update for Facebook Messenger has a feature which let's you message non Facebook contacts by making use of their phone number. Most interestingly, it let's you access all your Facebook messages without making use of the website or main app. It also has emojis and stickers, voice recordings, groups, location data, free calls, photo sharing, and more to make instant messaging fun. To download Facebook Messenger for your Android click here.

Telegram : free instant messaging app

The Telegram app is best for secure messaging, which comes with speed and security. Telegram provides encrypted cross platform messaging and it's totally free.
Nikolai Durov is the founder of Telegram and said that he actually designed a messenger that couldn't be accessed by Russian security agencies. No one was able to crack the apps encryption protocol, when he offered a price of US$200,000 to anyone who could. You should go for this app, if you want a fast, free and secure messenger as it is highly recommended. Click here to get the Telegram app for your Android.

Tango: free instant messaging app

Tango is much like the rest instant messaging apps which includes instant messaging, media sharing, group chat, video calling, stickers, group chat etc. And also has more extra features,with its recent update it now hosts a news feed and news channels for you to follow.
With Tango you can find friends based on your contact list automatically, as long as they also make use of the Tango app service or invite them. Tango can also be used to make calls, find friends which are nearby. It also has mid call mini games, which makes it stand out from the rest. As such best for networking. Click here to get the Tango app for your Android.

Skype: free instant messaging app

Skype has been in existence for long and efficient still, also known for good video calls. Skype is mainly used for calls but also the IM( instant messaging) support makes it very useful. I also make use of this app too.
With Skype, you can add friends provided they have Skype IDs and you know their contact name. Once this is done, you can send messages instantly anytime you want as it's free and also make video calls too. You can make international calls cheaply to mobile phones and landlines, by adding and making use of Skype credit. Skype chat offers good features such as group chat, media sharing, emoji and more. You can also have one account on several devices( even WhatsApp doesn't permit this). You love and want Skype for your Android click here to get it.

Viber: free instant messaging app

Viber really is coming up in the sticker market, though it's core importance and use is for instant messaging, you can also get lots of free stickers and paid sticker packs. You can also make use of Viber to record voice messages like WhatsApp. You can also now make calls to any phone number anywhere with the Viber Out( more of like adding Skype credit to call people who aren't on the service). Click here to get Viber for your Android.

Google Hangout: free instant messaging app

Google Hangout first came as a messaging app in the Android 4.4 KitKat, and since then had a lot of users. Hangout is an SMS and IM app, which makes it have two types of messaging function. You can automatically make voice and video calls from your phone using Hangouts.
You don't need to make use of other apps which have only one feature, when it has both IM and SMS features. It's video quality is known to be better than that of Skype. It also has an added feature of being able to integrate with Google+, just like the way Facebook Messenger interacts with Facebook. Which means contacts from the social network added can be invited or messaged in the separate app. Click here to get the Google Hangouts for your Android.

Line: free instant messaging app

With the recently added video calling feature, Line free instant messaging app is becoming more and more popular for this reason. It has features just like Skype, loaded fully with stickers and other fun features. It has good features like multi platform capabilities( tablet, phone, PC) group chats, timeline, recorded voice messages, media sharing and so much more including official account messages from celebrities you like. Line is like Facebook, Twitter and Skype in one. It is most popular in large parts of Asia. Click here to get Line app for your Android.

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