Solutions to recent Facebook Messenger problems on your Smartphone

Facebook Messenger has been working perfectly for some time now, but recently developed some kind of issues, bugs and problems as most people can't or don't enjoy making use of it. Really it gets one angry when you have been using an app over some time without any issues and all of a sudden just starts to develop several issues which renders the app useless.

Solutions to recent Facebook Messenger problems on your Smartphone

Though not everyone is experiencing this problem but some have been complaining about different problems which I will be sharing with you with their solutions.
The Facebook Messenger has been stood alone from the Facebook app for some time now, as such it's believed to be a powerful messenger service, because of its competition with its rival, WhatsApp.
But however, being an independent app makes it want for battery and memory, and now it also comes with its own issues. Below are the Recent and common Facebook Messenger issues and their solutions.

Facebook Messenger is draining my phone

Recently Facebook Messenger has been reported or found to consume more than its fair share of power and memory. This is as a result of the fact that Facebook has set the app to excessively check for notifications and updates. Even when your smartphone is without signal or in a sleep mode, the app continues its search relentlessly to do something. The app is also found to take a quite a lot of storage space. Before even I got fed up and decided to uninstall it , it took over 120MB storage space on my phone, while some users have even given or reported higher figures than mine.

If you tired of all this or you know Facebook Messenger app doesn't comply with your phone, all you have to do is to uninstall the app, then add a shortcut on your home screen to the mobile site and permit the site to send you push notifications if you so wish to receive them. Or better still you can install on your phone the Metal or Tinfoil app as they are still much better if you don't want to use the mobile site. With the options I have provided for you, it will definitely help you save internal storage space, RAM consumption and extend battery life.

I can't send or receive messages

In this case, you shouldn't be worried if you have been trying to send a sticker to your friend and Facebook Messenger refuses to respond. Although the situation may be critical at times if it continues that way, and as well the solution could be simple.

Firstly, Ensure that the app is updated which means up to date. Navigate to Google Play Store on your phone, and tap the Menu button and click on My apps and games. From there, check if the Messenger is among apps awaiting an update. So if it, simply click on it and tap the update button.
And if Facebook Messenger isn't responding, alternatively try the mobile site.
To check if the Facebook Messenger is down in your area or other users experiencing problems you can click here.

Some or all of my messages have disappeared

If you accidentally deleted your messages, then they are for sure gone, though not easily done like that. But if you archived them then you lucky.

Navigate to the Desktop or mobile site, click on the messages button and see all> More> Archived( provided you on Desktop), or go to your messages and click on see all messages,navigate to the bottom and click View Archived Messages( provided you on Mobile) and check if the message you can find the message you looking for.

Facebook Messenger not working

If you getting an Unfortunately Facebook Messenger has stopped messages, or its malfunctioning giving you a blank screen, then you there are few things to try.

Firstly, check that your Android OS is up to date by navigating to Settings on your phone > About device > Software Update> Update now. Make sure you are connected to a network or Wi-Fi and also have more than 50% battery life on your phone before doing this.

Then, navigate to Settings > Application manager> All> Messenger and tap Clear data and Clear cache
Make sure the app also is up to date, by navigating to Google Play Store, click the Menu button and tap My apps and games. You can then check from here if the Messenger app is awaiting an update, and click on it and tap the Update icon if it actually is.

Finally, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Navigate to Settings> Applications> Application manager> All> Messenger and click uninstall. Then navigate back to Play Store and download again.

The solutions provided are for the illustrated problems, so it should help if you in that aspect.

Let's know the problems you have by sharing with us in the comments, as they will be addressed by doing our best.

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Best Cloud storage apps for backing up your Android/Smartphone device

I made mention of writing on cloud storage apps which can be used for back up on respective devices like on Android/Smartphones in one of my recent posts, and that's what I will be doing today.
Some people make use of Android and smartphones without knowing that there are cloud storage apps which can be used to save files instead of bombarding their internal storage device or SD card. While some are aware of the cloud storage apps but don't know which is best for them, as their are various types of cloud storage apps nowadays.

You have nothing to worry about as I ll be explaining to you briefly what cloud storage is and providing you with the best cloud storage apps you can make use of to back up your respective devices.

The benefit of internal storage on devices or SD card is declining due to the increase in number of cloud storage options and apps. Cloud storage simply allows you to backup uploaded contents of your Android/Smartphone device to an online source, making you save more space on your phone. Here are some of the best online cloud storage apps that you can make use of which have been tested and proved to work well.

Amazon Cloud Drive storage app: Best for unlimited storage

The Amazon Cloud Drive is known to provide unlimited space and storage for photos and for every other thing, but actually comes in two ways, which is accessing of unlimited photos for free using Amazon Prime, or by buying as a stand alone product for US $11.99 per year.
It's affordable as it's not too expensive, and let's you upload unlimited photos. Also an additional storage space of 5 GB is given for videos and other files, although can't be compared to the Google Drive/Photos service which is free and has more storage space. Amazon Drive is secure, and supports automatic backup which is accessible on all devices.
The Amazon unlimited Everything offer is very good but costs US$60 per year, and gives you an unlimited storage for anything you want to store. And in this aspect, it's kind of better than (Google Drive which comes for US$120 per year for 1TB and Dropbox which comes for US$100 per year for 1 TB too). The only limitation of Amazon Drive is that it restrict mobile uploads to 2GB file sizes. Apart from this, Amazon cloud drive's unlimited everything option is an amazing offer. Click here to get the Amazon Drive for your Android/Smartphone device.

One Drive Cloud storage app

One Drive is a free online storage cloud solution brought to you by Microsoft. One Drive is known for use with Microsoft services and products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
It has a simple sharing and collaboration feature and also has the feature of automatic photo and video back up. Another of its feature is the ability to Integrate with Android Wear( smart watch) so you can view pictures on your smart watch.
It's easy to use and also free, so if you use Microsoft files frequently going for One Drive would be best. To download One Drive for your Android device click here.

Google Drive Cloud storage app

Google Drive is actually best for everyone, because it offers nothing more than 15 GB free cloud storage space and never disappoints. Google Drive gives you the option to let others view and edit your work, as well as shows a history of your changes in documents, and also has a support for many different types of files.
For anyone who has a Google account, it's a solution which is obvious as it's seamless and requires little time or management. Google Drive also let's you integrate with Google photos and also provides with unlimited free photo storage as long as the photos don't exceed it's file size limitation. So if you make use of Google all the time, going for Google Drive would be best. Click here to get it for your Android device.

Copy Cloud storage app

Copy is also one of the Cloud storage app on Android which is best for Chrome cast users. It has the benefit of backing all your files up to the cloud, simple to use but has a few extra features. These include Photocopy, which allows you to upload any photo you take into the cloud automatically, and also folder sharing. Like I said earlier it has an interesting feature which is the support for Chrome cast users. You can stream videos, music and photos from your device directly on your TV, by tapping the Chrome cast icon in the Copy app. This also is a very good cloud storage app with standard feature on Android, so if you love the features and you don't have it, then it's better you get it and enjoy. To get the Copy app for your Android click here.

Dropbox Cloud storage app

Dropbox has been on Android for many years and has been a stable favourite. Dropbox is best for Cloud storage on the go. It has a small storage capacity of 2GB so to say, but can be expanded up to 16GB in simple and various ways.
Dropbox is free, instinctive and fast, with automatic backup features which is good for those who take quick snaps and view them on their desktop computer fast. It's overall package is great provided you can expand the initial storage capacity buy buying more storage spaces. Click here to get Dropbox app for your Android.

Box Cloud storage app

Box is best known for its simplicity, it's free from Google Play Store and very easy to use. It offers a 10 GB free storage space with 250 MB limit upload. Though you will be requested to pay US$10 per year for 25GB of cloud storage.
Box is simple and a basic application with no special features. It simply let's you upload, download and share files, though it's possible to edit and comment on files in the cloud. Box also has a widget which notifies you to any changes to documents shared. Click here to get Box for your Android device.

Mega v2 Cloud storage app

Mega is one of the best free cloud storage apps on Android has it offers 50GB storage space free without charges. Isn't it cool? Yes it is. To start with, it has encryption keys which stays with the user and encrypts everything you upload, making you have less concern or nothing to worry about over your privacy. Your camera can be sync directly to your account to obtain a copy of images and videos automatically when you connect it. It's a basic app for now, but should be updated soon. Mega currently has version 2 readily available for download in Google Play Store. If you like the features it has you can click here to get it for you Android device.

NOTE: Most of the above mentioned Cloud Storage apps also can be found on respective Smartphone app stores. Like Dropbox and Box which is available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 users and other apps also on iOS app store. Therefore you can download them on your app store available on your Smartphone.

kindly drop your comments below,if you think there are other better cloud storage apps which aren't mentioned.

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