Best Mobile Android Apps for Note taking

Note taking mobile android apps are very common nowadays, as there are so many types made to work effectively and meet users needs.
Most of the mobile android apps for taking notes are very productive and works flawlessly, as they have different functions and can be used for various purposes, such as for taking notes, recording audio, drafting documents, collecting images and so on.
With so many mobile android apps for note taking, it's really difficult deciding which one to use.

Like I said earlier, many of this apps have different functions and purposes and you might not actually know the one which is deemed fit for you.

So I ll be sharing a guide on some mobile android apps for note taking i found out to be the best in their respective areas among other note taking apps. With this you be able to choose for yourself which is best and deemed fit for use to you. Below are some of the apps

Evernote : Best App with multi Purpose use and function

Evernote app has a clean interface and multi use functionality making it one of the best mobile android apps for note taking. It has an easy and simple navigation, offering lots of function. With this app, notes can be shared with classmates or coworkers, scan text in photo, create to do lists, attach notes right from the app, even save all types of note to a place and so much more. All this feature makes it the best so to say, as other apps do not have its kind of functionality and simplicity which has made it a top app. Evernote was made formally for casual use but with time has grown into a great app for business, and still can be used for what it was initially first created for, which is personal note taking. Due to its simplicity, it makes it easier and better taking note with this app outside of the office.
Evernote is really outstanding with so many multi purpose functions. With it, you can take notes wherever you are, and when ever you want. It also has the ability to sync with all your devices so as to modify everything. One needs to be skilled enough to make use of Evernote, due to its wide range functionality but not to worry can be used efficiently as time goes by. It's certainly the easiest among all other mobile android note taking apps, and also available on other smartphone devices like BlackBerry and iOS. To download the Evernote app for your Android, click here to get it.

Google Keep: Best App for Tasks

The Google Keep app is also one of the best mobile android app for note taking which is best tasks. It easily organises your notes and make them searchable. It has the function of sync to Google Drive so that you can easily access them from cloud on any device. All this makes it one of the best organisation apps for Android.

Google Keep is supporter by your Google account which makes it easy to add notes to your documents, spreadsheets and the likes. Most organization's choose Google Drive over Ms office for lots of their tasks. Google keep also keeps you integrated with Google. Just like Evernote or I would say so many of the note taking apps, it actually takes time before getting a hang of it, but with time you actually find it easy and amusing. To download the Google Keep for your Android click here.

OneNote : Best App for Ms Office

One Note unlike any other mobile android note taking app nowadays is an old app created by Microsoft as far back since 2003, to make your lists easier to organize. Some features were later then added to it like multimedia support, such as recording video and audio. Apart from being integrated with Ms Office, it is also made for traveler's. You can clip pictures from the Internet and add them to your travel guide book. It could be a map or something you saw on a travel blog. One Note also has a free storage space which is much more than best rated Evernote. To download One Note app for your android phone click here.

Color Note : App Best for Simplicity

Being the simplest, Color Note has a simple color coded organisation scheme. Let's say, you could set a reminder for a shopping/ food store using a blue color, and then simply take a look at your blue list when you get to the store. Though being the simplest among mobile android apps for note taking, Color Note has less features unlike other apps. It's actually good for people who need or want to organise things fast and easy. But if you know you are the type who writes lots of notes, add pics or videos or need other multi functions in a note taking app, picking other apps would be a better idea. Click here to get it for you Android phone.

Squid: App Best for Creativity

Squid is another mobile android app good for note taking. It is great for students because of its ability to add quick notes and symbols to a PDF. If you are the type that writes quickly and sloppily, or let me say doodle, then Squid app is for you. It actually works well on a phone but mostly used on tablets because of the more spaces it provides for you to draw more. It has the feature of getting ideas for a term paper, keywords or definitions to handwritten notes but needs you to upgrade your account before making use of this feature. Click here to get Squid app for your Android phone.

Quip: Best App for Collaboration

Quip is a wonderful working together app, which is capable of tracking changes to documents as well as an easy sharing function. You can create a share group and everyone in your share group can work together on the same spreadsheet or document from any device anywhere. A chat room can be created where everyone can add their notes to the ongoing discussion.

So many businesses rely on it and also perfect for organization's. Notifications can be created by Teams to make sure tasks are remembered. Documents can be imported from Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and the likes by your team. The format of the notes can be changed to either Word or PDF after collaboration is finished. Also the notes can be printed with others outside the group.
Making use of this particular app isn't easy if you not an expert, as it is necessary to get an expert who can give tutorials about all processes when needed by an organization, let alone an individual.
To get Quip app for your Android phone click here.

Diaro : Best App for writers

Diaro App is one of the best mobile android note taking app as it's best for writers. Sometimes an imagination could come anywhere, and that's where this app comes in as you can take down this thoughts and transfer them to your device. It let's you write freely for as long as you want.
Diaro is ideal for writers especially as it's meant for longer notes rather than quick memos. It's writing interface is kind of similar to Word Processor and their long text can be searched and organized easily. Diaro works effortlessly as it syncs and works across different platforms. It has a password protect feature too making your security more private, which means no one except you gets to read your thoughts, journal or anything else since its private. This app has more than a million downloads on Google Play Store and also has good reviews(4.4). To get Diaro for your Android phone click here.

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How to manage and efficiently use 16 GB internal free storage space

Having 16GB internal free storage space on your phone is more than enough. To be honest, I see know reason why 16 GB of free storage space shouldn't be enough, as I sometimes see people around me complain about 16 GB free storage space not enough for them.
Few years back, most of the smartphones made then didn't support 16GB free storage space, as most phones comes with 4, 6 ,8, or 10GB and yet people still manage it.

So why now? When you have 16GB free storage space and yet you still complain a lot, despite with a microSD support for your smartphone. The reason for all this is because of the misuse of the 16GB free storage.
Most people tend to use it anyhow all because it's 16GB, occupying the free storage space with irrelevant and unuseful files and data, including heavy apps. They make use of it the way they see it because 16GB is a jackpot, really a lot of free storage.

As at that, even if you the type who occupies your phone with high resolution pictures, videos and the likes, why not make use of other storage spaces like SD storage, cloud storage, online storage space by using them efficiently and not anyhow.
Having 16GB internal free storage space is like getting a free ride and exploring every city in your country. But still even if it's still not enough to some. I will be sharing with you tips on how to manage and use 16GB internal free storage space efficiently.
Here's how to manage and live when your phone has 16GB internal free storage space.

Identify the problem

You need to identify and know what exactly is taking so much space on your phone which makes you lament all the time saying, 16GB free storage space isn't enough. Media files can really occupy a large amount of storage space, especially when the quality of the files are high, the more space it takes. In this case videos are more of the high resolution, but images and music takes vital space too.
Apps also in this case could occupy from megabytes to gigabytes hence, make it impossible to manage the 16GB internal free storage you have on your phone.
So in this case the best thing to do first is to limit the resolution or quality of media files ( video, images, music) . Making use of apps like Spotify enables you to choose exactly the quality of audio which is downloaded. Most Camera apps and software permits you to change the size and resolution of images. Have it in mind that, the lower the resolution or number of pixels, the less storage space it takes.
Google Play makes it generally easy to understand how large files are, as you can also find out on your Android. There are some UIs ( User Interface Services) which makes viewing files easy. You can easily see files if you navigate to Settings > Apps on your Android phone. While others may need you to download an additional file Explorer such as ES File Explorer, which is useful in helping manage all kinds of files.

Therefore try not to use high resolution for your videos such as 4K has its resolution is Ultra high, hence taking so much free storage space on your phone. The same goes for your music and pictures, try to always use a minimal pixel or resolution quality which won't take so much of your free storage space and will still be so much good when viewed.

NOTE: though when the resolution of any media file is high it makes it look very good like 4k video, and images especially but takes so much space. So instead there are other resolution which are normal and aren't of low quality too which can be used and won't take much storage space. Endeavor to always use this type as they can still always look perfect.

MicroSD Usage

This is an effective storage item also as some Android and smartphones made now supports a MicroSD storage space. Your microSD could also be a backup, as you can store certain kinds of files there, such as images, music, videos, including some app data too. Though you have to keep it in mind that not all Android/ smartphone supports them.
This can be done on your Android phone constantly by navigating to Settings > Storage and tapping Transfer data to SD card.(process is similar irrespective of the type of Android phone you using).
Data of individual apps can also be moved to your SD card on your Android phone by navigating yo Settings> Apps> click on insert app name > move o SD card. Not all apps supports this, but making use of this also save quite a good storage space on your device.

NOTE: MicroSD doesn't work like a normal storage although this will change on some devices running the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Of course if you get to buy a 16 or 64 BG SD card, that won't be the exact amount when inserted. For example a 16GB SD card is always not up to 16 as it is always 14.
Try to buy the size of what you really need. Don't go buying a huge GB SD card. Though MicroSD card is mostly used for images, videos, audio but images can be stored in the cloud storage, and probably an MP3 for your music. But still even if all you use your SD card for is for saving videos and music, buying a huge GB SD card won't be needed.

Cloud Free Storage

The cloud is a much larger space out of your phone which comes in extremely large sizes. Nowadays cloud services are everywhere, and can contain different types of files and data as much as possible.
Though there are disadvantages to using cloud storage. Like concerns over privacy and security and also the danger when your chosen cloud company suddenly doesn't exist anymore.

Google Photos can be used since Google is reliable and to me, one of the best currently, at least better than some other cloud storage which could keep your heart rate beating fast all the time, because you afraid of what might happen next. Google photos provides an unlimited photo storage for files for specific sizes, but not small sizes too. Google photos is really a wonderful service for those who have a challenge concerning minimal storage space, though it doesn't seem like it can't fail as far as security is concerned.
Drop box is also another good and better cloud service, in fact I make use of this too.

NOTE: What'sapp on the other hand happens to add more to your free storage space. How? Because all of the files which you send and receive is being stored in your devices memory, as such fills up in no time. What'sapp can be automatically backup this contents to Google drive since the latest What'sapp supports this feature.
Which means that you can delete from your device every now and then, or assign the folder which stores all the content on your device to be backed up into Google Photos.
To do this navigate to Google Settings, select Google photos backup> Choose folders to backup and select Whatsapp images and videos( to access this, you must install the Google photos). Once you have done this, your Whatsapp files have been backed up, and you can remove them from your device respectively. You can later access them again from your Google Drive or Google photos app. We all make use of Whatsapp, it's now an everyday thing for every one of us, so to avoid files occupying your devices storage endeavor to do this. On this I will be sharing tips on the best cloud storage devices you can make use of. So remember to check by always.

More Tips

Just try as much as possible to efficiently use and manage your free storage space sensibly. Don't install apps you know you don't need. Go for lighter apps which would do the same the heavy apps would. Assign backups automatically to files you want to keep and remember to delete them from your device once you have backed them up. Like I said earlier on, 16GB internal free storage space whether on your device or on SD card doesn't give you same 16GB of usable storage space.

Kindly let's know your opinion in the comments, if you have any tips on managing a not enough storage space.

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How to keep your Android Smartphone running like New Android Mobile phone

It's normal for you to get tired of your Android smartphone after using it over a period of time. The release of latest android phones, apps and the likes could also name you feel uncomfortable and jealous sometimes, when see your friends using them and you aren't.
But what if you have a lot of other important things to do with your money and can't afford to buy the latest android smartphone, like your friends or people around you are, what do you do? The truth is whether a latest android smart phone release or apps for Android, none of this really matters, if you use it clean and efficiently.

Don't ever have the idea that your phone is old all because of a release in another Android Smartphone. You have nothing to worry about as I will be sharing with you, tips and how you still can make your Android mobile phone work like it's new and how to maintain and properly use it well. Below are some of the useful tips on how this can be achieved.

The mobile network services available in your Android Smartphone should be turn off always after use

Countless times,You have made use of some mobile services on your Android mobile phone like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS including mobile data without disconnecting or forget to them off. This doesn't really help at all as continually doing this could hinder and reduce your Android mobile phone's performance and also constantly drains the battery. So always make sure to turn off these services after making use of them, so as to keep making your Android mobile phone run like new.

Don't occupy your Android Smartphone's Home screen with Widgets and Icons

Having lots of files and folders on a desktop computer or laptop really could slow down its performance, and the same also goes for your Android mobile phone. Putting so many widgets and icons all around the home screen slows down its performance, as it becomes slow with time even when navigating. Filling your Android Smartphone's homepage with especially unnecessary or un useful icons and widget doesn't only slows it down but also affect the battery life of your Android Smartphone. Always endeavor to review your home screen often and keep useful, minimum widgets and icons needed, as doing this makes your Android mobile phone work smart and efficient.

Remember to clear Browser Caches and Cookies on your Android Smartphone

This aspect is a lot serious as most people don't know that not cleaning cache and cookies could hinder the speed and performance of your Android Smartphone. A lot of data is usually stored in the phone's active memory, when surfing the Internet on your Android mobile phone.
So with time, the Caches memory fills up the memory of the device and slows down its ability to surf the Internet making it so slow.
Android Smartphones also store cookies, though you may not know, but cookies stored up in the device also hinders the phone's ability to properly surf the Internet. Always make sure to clear the Cache and Cookies on your Android Smartphone after use so as to free the memory of the device, hence making it work efficiently.

Available Apps in your Android Smartphone

Most Smartphone users are known for this, as they install so many apps on their phone . Most of the apps installed sometimes perform the same task, or are old apps which have been used over a long period of time and won't even be used ever again. And some are just unuseful apps not needed yet all are just installed on their Android mobile phone.
Most of this apps also run in the background, which slows down the performance of the phone and also consumes the battery life at a very fast rate. All this aren't good enough at all for a Smartphone of any type. Always review your app and get rid of the ones not used at all or even used once in a while. Also heavy apps shouldn't be used as it occupies the memory storage. Try to look for alternative apps which are much better and lighter. Apps which run in background also should be uninstalled or change their permission settings individually as the new Android Marshmallow supports this feature on all Android mobile phones.Following all this, your Android Smartphone will work efficiently and like new.

Always Reboot your Android Smartphone

I strongly advice that you always make sure to reboot your Smartphone regularly as your phone is good as new. Smartphone Rebooting closes all processes and apps running in the background which helps to improve the speed and performance of your Android Smartphone. Rebooting makes your Smartphone fresh, restores all data, free from error and automatically solve all significant issues.
Endeavor to reboot your Android Smartphone especially when it's slow as this restores it and makes it work efficiently.

Boost your Android Smartphone's battery performance

It's normal for smartphones batteries to change after using it after few months. But also their are ways to boost your battery and still make it work like it's new. You can boost your battery's performance by maintaining a minimum screen brightness, and time out length to extend the battery life. More can be read from efficient tips to increase mobile battery life. Making use of the Airplane mode also helps extend battery life, when you not making use of your Android Smartphone. All other mobile services also should be turned off too like location services, Wi-Fi, etc when your Android Smartphone is not in use. Always endeavor to charge your battery also and maintain it at 80 - 90 %, not a must should be 100% as charging fully to 100% always could also affect the battery's performance. Avoid constant usage of your phone even when what you doing isn't necessary to prevent your Android mobile phones battery drainage.

Stop making use of Live Wallpapers on Home screen

Live wallpapers sure looks attractive, and appears nice with so much fun. Live wallpapers though may be good and makes your phone attractive, they are not good for your Smartphone, as they decrease the performance of your phone and also drain the battery due to displaying bright images, and continuous demand resources from phones processor and RAM. Make sure to do away with Live Wallpapers and even if you are to use it, make sure it's not always, so as to maintain a good phone performance and long lasting battery.

Keep your Android Smartphone clean always

This is very important, but unfortunately most smartphone users neglect this fact, as such gets the phone old in no time. When you buy a phone new, ensure to get a good mobile case and a screen guard or protector. Flip cover is most advisable as it protects the whole body of the phone as well as the screen too. Mobile case and screen protector is so good such that, it protects your smartphone even when it falls on the ground, protecting the body and the screen from breaking. It also makes it new, as it protects it from dirt.
Following the tips I just shared, you shouldn't have any problem of maintaining your Android Smartphone anymore. But be sure to follow them and i can assure they did come in handy for you.
Remember efficient use of your Android smartphone is very important.

Got any opinion and thoughts apart from this mentioned? Let's know by posting a comment below.

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