Madagascar's' COVID 19 Herbal Drink Working!


  COVID-19 herbal drink prepared from this plant called #Arthemesia.

#MadagascarMedicine used it in preparing their "Covid organic" drink for their citizen and has proven to be successful with no single death presently.

Madagascar's recovery rate is 72% with no fatalities, so clearly, their cure works, but many people won't take it seriously because it's not from United States, Britain and top people like Bill Gates are yet to say it's good for consumption.

With the increase rate in the number of confirmed cases and death cases, its best every country leader who has its citizens at heart to get the herbal mixture to save more lives instead of waiting for a vaccine and not even a cure to start with.

There is no reason why everyone should fold their arms and wait for WHO to decide when there's a herbal mixture with 72% recovery rate. For the love of Christ, the world should not wait while people die of COVID 19, this is not the best time to exercise Ego when a lot of lives can be saved. Now is the time to do what is right.

Health Minister of Guinea Bissau just picked his own share for his country. Same with Equitorial Guinea.

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