How to Update Status and Send Files On WhatsApp On BlackBerry10

It's been sad ever since WhatsApp stopped its update for BlackBerry 10. Things got really messy that major users had to opt out for BlackBerry 10 and opt-in for strictly androids.

WhatsApp for Android works quite well on BlackBerry 10 thanks to its QNX software but comes with limitations such as not been able to send voice notes, pictures, files such as (pdf,doc..etc) and worst of it all unable to update status. One could only receive all of this but can't send it.

But recently, after a few updates, some of these features began to work except the status update and now recently the status update is finally working.

How to Send Files ( Picture, Document, Music, and Video)

  • Navigate to your media depending on what you'd like to send and select

  • Upon selecting click on share via WhatsApp and send to the desired contact

HOW to Update Status on Whatsapp

For status updates, simply navigate to media, select your desired file, click on share via WhatsApp and then click on the status update and that's all. 

In fact, updating status directly from WhatsApp works too but sometimes due to glitches doesn't go.

So if trying via the status update button doesn't work, the first procedure as mentioned would always work. 

For voice notes, it can be recorded and sent directly. 

So to all BlackBerry 10 users, there's no need to worry anymore about WhatsApp updates as you can enjoy and not worry about getting a new phone which fully supports all of this. 

NB; The Latest WhatsApp version needs to be installed for this to work properly!


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