Tips on ways to avoid Viruses and Spyware on your PC

For most PC and mobile users, security threat is not something that is new to us anymore. PCs and mobile devices are prone to getting infected with virus, malicious wares, and even spyware when the devices are not well taken care of. So to say, to protect  gadgets of any kind against nowadays security threats, users just need to be well informed and proactive. 
People make use of their PCs without handling it properly,  i would say because they are not updated as to the various threats that can damage their PCs, and also because some just do not care enough for what they make use of everyday.

IT professionals do encourage their users to follow several security practices to protect against virus, spyware and malware threats. But not every IT professional does that, as some of them are just too busy, or do not have the time to build a good memo or handout on various security threats and how to prevent them from infecting PCs.
So now i ll be providing you with some practical guidelines to follow to prevent or minimize the risk of your PC getting infected, and also make sure to follow and share the tips with friends and colleagues after reading this, so you do not end up losing your precious time to cleaning and repairing systems infected or entire networks. Below are some of the tips.

Installing quality antivirus

Many users of computer prefer to make use of free antivirus applications, like those with internet service bundle service offering that can be updated once an update pops up,and they believe that free antivirus are sufficient to protect a computer from virus or spyware attack. To be sincere, free anti virus programs don't and can't provide adequate protection needed for a computer against nowadays fast growing threats. 
So instead, i advice all PC users to install professional and quality antivirus software on their computers. This type of antivirus update frequently from time to time, thereby providing enough protection of your PC against vulnerable attacks. Quality anti viruses also protects against wide range threats and enable additional protective features such as custom scans. 

Installation of real time anti spyware protection

So many PC users seem to believe that installing a single antivirus,with integrated spyware protection is enough to protect against adware and spyware. While some believe free anti spyware apps in combination with antivirus apps can capably protect their PC against multiple fast growing number of spyware threats. That isn't just the case, its not just that simple, because most of this so called free anti spyware programs we believe in do not provide real time or active protection from trojan, spyware infections and adware. Though many of the free spyware programs can detect threats once they infect a system, typically professional, that is fully paid and licensed version anti spyware programs are capable of preventing infections and also removing infections already present in the PC. So its advisable to go for fully paid antivirus and anti spyware programs.

Keeping anti malware applications current

PC users sometimes ignore the fact of keeping their antivirus and spyware programs up to date, and some ignore update pop ups hence exposing their PCs to vulnerable attacks. Antivirus and anti spyware programs require constant signature and database updates. Without making this necessary updates, anti malware programs can not protect PCs from latest threats. sometimes ago, statistics shows that computer threats are estimated to infect 100,000 to 300,000 new websites per day.
So as a computer user, you need to make sure the antivirus and anti spyware apps are up to date. Also all Windows users need to take measures to prevent expiration of license,hence ensuring that anti malware programs are current, and continue to provide protection against most recent threats.

Ensure daily scans

Though, the sheer number and increase in new threats makes it unavoidable that virus infections will outsmart security software. Regardless of this, enabling complete and daily scans of a computers hard drive adds to the protection of the PC. Daily scans work properly and efficiently detecting, isolating and removing infections that escapes security software attention. So endeavor to run scans daily on your PC. 

Make use of a hard based firewall  


It is very essential to make use of a reliable firewall, as it protects computers from a wide variety of malicious network traffic, viruses and other vulnerable attacks. Though, unfortunately the software based firewall,by itself ,included with Windows is not sufficient enough to protect systems form attacks like myriad robotic, affecting all internet connected systems. I advice that PCs connected to the internet should be secured using an efficient and capable hardware based firewall.

Use of DNS protection

Internet access poses a wide range of security risks, as some there are some websites that distribute infected programs, trojan files and applications. Also there are threats which exists in form of DNS attacks, whereby a compromised DNS server directs you to an unauthorized web server. Users can protect themselves from these kind of threats by changing their PCs DNS process services.Open DNS services also protects users against likely spyware and other web based attacks.

Make sure to disable autorun

Most viruses operate by getting themselves attached to a drive,and installing themselves automatically, on any other media connected to them. As such connecting network drives, external disks, to a system can lead to automatic increase of such threats.
PC users should therefore disable Windows auto run feature by following Microsoft's
recommendations that differ by operating system.

Be wary of email links and attachments

PC users have repeated been advised by Windows not to click on email links, or attachments just like that. But most users have failed  to heed to the warning. Most users forget to be careful of links and attachment included within email messages, irrespective of the source. Clicking on different email links can corrupt Windows, infect other machines or destroy data within few minutes. It is advisable that users should scan  for virus on any email what so ever that comes in before clicking using professional anti malware apps.

Surf smart

Lots of business class anti malware apps always include browser plug-ins which helps protect against infections, phishing attacks( pages purport to serve a function when all they do is to steal personal, financial, or sensitive information) and similar issues.
Make sure preventive features like these are deployed and enabled always. Apart from when the plug-ins interfere with normal web browsing, users should make sure they are enabled.
Also users should never enter user account, personal, financial,or other sensitive information on any webpage they have not arrived yet. Hyperlinks contained within email messages often redirect users to fraudulent, fake and unauthorized websites. Users can help ensure that they arrive at the actual page they intend by entering web addresses manually.

With all this tips i provide you and you following them, you should not have a problem with your PC against spyware , malware or antivirus infections and other vulnerable attacks.

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Feeling your Android Smartphone is slow? Here are some reasons

When an Android  phone is new it works smart and efficiently,depending on the OS and the RAM of the phone, and the number of files and data you have on it. But after sometime using the phone, despite the RAM and its outstanding features it seems to be slow . It is believed that this fact is true for mostly Android devices, but the truth is the problem of a phone going slow overtime is not unique to only Android devices, but also on other smartphones like Apple devices such as iPad 2, iPhones generally running on the lastest same iOS platform. 

There are so many reasons why a phone with good specs and outstanding capabilities could go slow as time goes by, of which some knows the reasons, and most people do not know, as such believing that the phone no longer works well,or maybe is infected with virus making them lose interest in the phone.
Not every phone that works slowly after some time is caused by virus, some of the reasons include what you have on the phone, and sometimes how your smartphone is used.
That is why i ll be sharing with you few reasons why your smartphone is running slowly when you use it nowadays. Below are some of the reasons

Much Heavy apps and OS updates 

 Most smartphones and Android devices are doing very well in software updates unlike what it used to be few years ago but still OS are always released for updates in different smartphones and to be honest not all OS you update works better than the latter. Devices receiving OS updates sometimes is the problem why your phone seems to be running slow,because most of them are sometimes not effective thus slowing it down. Sometimes manufacturers or carriers may have included some unwanted applications with a specific update, which slows down the device as they run in background.
For Android updates, apps running on the phone are usually newer. Newer apps or updates get a lot heavier as time goes by, as such makes your android device work slower.
Developers introduces enhanced and faster hardware, smartphone games, and applications as time passes by, which performs excellently well on newer Android devices and worsen the Android devices which have been made before the new ones.
This is experienced on so many platforms including PCs too where new applications and games on the desktop demand more RAM, space, and bandwidth. There are not solutions really to fix this issue, but should in case you experience an OS slowing down your device, installing a customized ROM would be a good idea which comes without not to needed apps on many devices. More so if you experience your apps are kind of slow then it would be better to find applications that are not too heavy and works perfectly well for your Android device.

Running Apps  in  Background

The more you use your phone, the more you get used to it and install various apps you are fond of, which works pretty well on your phone.So many of those apps run in the background, using a lot of CPU resources, consuming the memory of the device, making it slow and also running down the battery life.
Installing so many of this applications that run in the background extremely slows a device, even some apps after use and closing them still tend to run in background slowing your device. To fix this issue make sure you uninstall any heavy apps in use, or better still go their permissions settings, and turn off the run in background button, as most of this app usually have permission settings. But still it is better not to install any heavy unused app because even if you stop them from running underground the space they still take can slow down your device.

System file that is filing up or accumulating

As solid states types of drives fill up,your mobile device slows down. File system is a data structure used by an OS to keep track of files on a disk. The file system is mainly used by the OS and when its about to fill up you can just wonder how slow your device could get. This simply makes apps slow down on your device, even makes your android device work slow too. The storage screen which is within the settings app on your phone shows how full the storage of a device gets, and shows what exactly consumes the space. Cache clearing is important as it gives the disk some vital extra space for your file system to do well,but if left uncleared and unchecked,could also occupy some storage space on your device.
To fix this, applications not in use should be uninstalled while files not needed should be deleted with immediate effect. Remember that Cache clearing frees a lot of space, also a factory reset can be done so that the applications that will be left will be the ones initially installed on the phone as when new. Make sure to backup all you files and data,and every sort of information you do not want losing, before doing a factory rest.

Not very good TRIM support

If a good TRIM support is not available for a device, it could slow down a device as time goes by. For some who do not know what a TRIM is, TRIM is a command which allows an OS to inform a solid state drive SSD, which data are in use, are no longer needed,and can be wiped internally. Though this issue can only be fixed by an update on your Android device. I could remember sometimes ago when Nexus 7 tablet had this issue and was just too slow because  it lacks a better TRIM support. Nexus 7 was later fixed by an update of Android 4.3. So the new Nexus made, came with a good TRIM support since it had Android 4.3 OS already running on it.

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Tips to follow when trading a phone for another

Are you looking forward to changing your used smartphone for another by an exchange with your friend, family member, colleague at work, service provider or by going to a local retailer store? And probably you do not know the steps to take to ensure safe security of your data, pictures, apps, music, videos and the likes you have on your phone before handing it over for trading, then i believe you are in the right place, as i ll be sharing with you tips to follow to ensure safe security of your files and data.

So many people trade their phones every now and then without taking safe measures of their files and data, because they believe its not necessary leaving behind their apps and files while trading for another. I must say that really is not good enough, as your files and data getting into the wrong hands could pose a threat to you being not secure. As such we need to ensure and take measures to securing our phones before trading.

 Below are some of the tips i believe is needed  for you to take before trading your phone

1. Backing Up your Data on your Phone – Some people already know how to backup or setup their phone to automatic sync to an online service like their Google account or iCloud . But still backing up your data manually is important as you can never be too sure,so i suggest you backup your data manually by creating a backup using tools provided by your smartphones manufacturer like Windows Phone Desktop App for windows phone, Apple’s iTunes for iphones, Samsung’s Kies Samsung phones and the likes for other phones just like the ones provided above. This should be the  first step to take always on your phone whenever you trading for another.

2. Do a Factory Reset– Factory reset is very important before trading your phone for another as it wipes away every sort  of information on your device. Resetting your phone will wipe the phone including your personal data and all of your installed apps you have on your phone,which also resets the phone back to its default state just like when you bought it new. Each Smartphone have different way of doing a factory reset though not too different. 

  iPhone  – For iOs devices, navigate to Settings on the phone, then select General,then Reset. Then select Erase all content and settings. That is all, your phone has been restored to default.

  Windows Phone  – Navigate to the Applications list and click on Settings. click on the About then Reset your phone. A message pops up asking you to click on yes or no as warnings about the data loss, provided you already did a backup you click on yes and your phone is reset back to default.
   Android  – In this case, make sure your data is encrypted before doing a reset on your phone. Navigate to Settings and select Security, click on Encrypt phone. Once the phone is finished processing, navigate back to Settings select Backup and Reset, click on Factory data reset.  

   BlackBerry  – Navigate to Settings screen on your phone, click on the Security and Privacy, select Security wipe, select Delete data. Thats it all your files and apps are deleted and the phone is restored back to default

3. Change your Account Passwords – This only implies as an added advantage or extra protection,make sure that you change important passwords like your Apple,Google or Windows account that you might have saved on your smartphone. Though a factory reset should remove all of your data files and passwords too but i added this so as  an extra protection like i mentioned earlier. Also make sure your phone is removed from services like Find My iPhone, Blackberry protect and the likes since you no longer making use of it.
 With all these tips i provide you, you should not have any problem anymore concerning security as you can with rest of mind trade out your phone for another.

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How to get the ESN/IMEI/SERIAL number on your Smartphone - Iphone Android BlackBerry devices

 Today i ll be sharing with you how you can locate/get the ESN, IMEI, and SERIAL number on your mobile device. Most people use different smartphones without knowing how to locate the above mentioned numbers, some do not even know what it is and that is why i ll be sharing the tips of how, what they are,and how you can find them on your respective devices.

              ESN/IMEI/SERIAL number are unique codes attached to every mobile device to  identify them from one another.Smartphones such as Iphones and Androids and other devices have a unique identification number which distinguishes them from one another,just like electronic tools have theirs, serial numbers are likewise assigned to mobile devices at the factory.

IMEI number which stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity can be seen on mobile phones and used to identify an individual handset. 
ESN which means Electronic Serial Numbers can be seen on some mobile phones assigned by the Telecommunications Industry of America which is an Industry trade group.
Serial numbers are sometimes hard to find on electronic devices as most of the time the numbers are visible on the outside of the device and on some devices which displays information on a screen the serial number can be seen as part of the Settings or About information. Below are some tips and ways for finding the numbers on your device.

How to locate serial number on Iphone

Iphone's serial number can be seen or found on the outside of the mobile device, but there are some mobile carriers which uses  phones that the serial numbers are inscribed on the outside surface. The serial number is can be see on those kind of phones as part of the information displayed on the About screen.

 On the outside device 

On iphone 5c,5s and 5:

The IMEI can be found on the back of the device close to the bottom. The MEID(Mobile Equipment Identity) number which is almost  same as IMEI in some devices uses the first 14 digits of the IMEI number,omitting the last digit.

Iphone 3G,3GS,and 4(GSM model):
The IMEI and serial number can be seen on the SIM tray

Original iphone:
The Serial and IMEI numbers can be seen printed at the back of the device close to the bottom
visit the  visit the Apple support website. for images and location of these numbers

On the About screen
The Serial number,IMEI,ESN, and MEID numbers can be found on the Iphones About screen. Just follow the tips to find the numbers:

1. Navigate to settings on  your iphone 
2. Click General
3. Select About
4. The ID numbers will be visible to you on that screen

 On Android device

There are variations to where the Serial/IMEI/ESN numbers show on Androids as some show up on the outside and can be identified through the Applications tab of the device.Just like iphones too some can be seen on the outside of the device and some on the settings screen.

On the outside of the device
Due to the fact that companies making Android phones are just few, providing device specific information on the location of the Serial/IMEI/ESN numbers for all those devices is difficult. So to say the numbers can be found on the back of the device or under the devices battery. Some could also be found on the outside if you take your time to look carefully. And for some having trouble finding it on your device visit the Support center of the device manufacturers website for help.

 On the Settings Screen
The IMEI number can be located on the setting screen of some Android devices. To find it follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Applications tab on your Android device
2. Click About phone
3. Click on status 
4. The IMEI and ESN numbers is then shown on the screen

On BlackBerry 10 device
Blackberry consists of the IMEI,MEID, and the Serial number and they can all be found on the About screen by navigating to settings on the phone.here is a screen shot below

How to get the ESN/IMEI/SERIAL number on your Smartphone Iphone Android BlackBerry devices
On the Settings screen
The IMEI,MEID, and Serial number can be located on the settings screen and on the about page as shown above to find it follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to the settings screen on  your device
2. Click About 
3. Then on category click General to view the serial number. though category is always on General automatically.
4.Click on Hardware to view the IMEI and MEID numbers on your device respectively as shown.

 With this i have shared I believe it will help you to know the meaning of this numbers and more so how you can locate them on your respective device and not be a novice to them anymore. Always remember to check as i ll keep updating more interesting tips. cheers.

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Tips on how to save kids addicted to gadgets: phones,computer,video games

 We are in a changed world with modern technology at hand. Things have changed quite much, and that is why kids cant be stopped from using tech devices in this era,as we are  in a modern tech world which even they also need to be familiar with so as not be left out and also be a novice to tech and science world, as it is widely used in various areas including schools,colleges,universities,polytechnics even in our daily life activities. 

But this issue has kept most parents worried as they can no longer control their kids due to the fact that they have been addicted to gadgets and are no longer focused in whatever they do as they are always distracted, and some parents do not even know that their kids are addicted already due to the fact they are always busy and did not notice, while also some parents do not know as their children have been pretending to them and as such they have not been able to discover that their kids are addicted already to gadgets.
 So now i ll be sharing with you tips on how to confirm when kids are addictive, side effects of addiction to gadgets, common reasons why they kids get addicted and lastly how to counter the issue of addiction

 How to save kids from gadget addiction

 1. How to confirm when a kid is addicted to gadget: "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy but also all play and no work makes jack a mere toy".  Everyone knows what this proverb means,there is time for everything but when the child is meant to engage in one activity or the other like doing his homework or other house activities, the child is instead always busy watching TV,playing video games, busy with  a smartphone or tablet. The child also keeps getting angry or cry when he/she  gets distracted especially when he/she is been called to do something  or told to stop playing video games or watching TV. sometimes the child annoyingly throws whatever he sees around him away,even sometimes blackmail anyone else in the house all because he/she just wants to have his way. All this are quick detection to knowing when a kid is addicted.

2. Side effects of gadget addiction on kids: This is a serious issue which needs to be well taken care of with immediate solution. When a child is addicted already to gadget it becomes very hard for the child to be focused in whatever he/she does as it causes less concentration on studies and other educational aspects, it also makes a child get angry at every little thing when he is distracted or called, it highly affects their eye vision too through constant viewing making them four eyes later by using recommended glasses before they can see, a child also gets sick often as he/she does not get to exercise his body instead prefers sitting in a position, also kids addicted to gadgets are not always much social.

3. Some common reasons why kids becomes gadget addicted: Kids do not just get addicted to gadgets of course something must have caused it or made them that way. Some of the reasons are because parents are busy with their work, friends and as such do not have much time for their kids, when kids are not getting must interest in studying and wants to spend time with something else, kids are sometimes lonely and at that time theirs no one to play or talk to. All this are common reasons when a child is lonely not getting any attention from parents when they need them because parents are just too busy, they then engage in  something else that keeps them busy as such getting them addicted.

4. How to stop kids from getting addicted to gadgets: Parents should always try to spend more time with their kids, get them engaged in other useful activities they ll benefit from hence making kids have a less free time. Parents also need to always help kids in their studies by assisting them with their  homework from school. Kids should be permitted to play educational games or other games that does not involve video games with their neighbors kids, also a schedule should be made as when to watch TV. Parents should also sometimes take them out for a walk, to parks, or play outdoor games when they are free and also video games console such as XBOX, PlayStation and the likes should be played only during weekends or when they on vacation. 

Password should be set on computers,tablets and smartphones and they should not get to know the password, computers and tablets also should not be kept in their bedrooms. 

With all this i have shared i believe this should work for any of your kids that is already addicted to gadgets and try not to let them use any device excessively as a proverb says "Excess of anything is bad".

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Free Educational games download on PC for kids

Actually i would say letting kids make use of computer is not very advisable as they usually get addicted to computer as time goes on, as such might not let them focus or be a medium of distraction to learning in school or in other various useful activities. 
But still we in a modern world with technology advancement and i ll also not advise not making them familiar with all this things. 

So to say we cant stop them from making use of computer but instead make them learn with it by downloading or installing educational games on your PC.
I ll be sharing with you  free educational games that can be downloaded on your PC and can get your children educated.


 Educational games download for kids in kindergarten

Kea Coloring Book – This is a free coloring book application which lets kids color up to 15 images with few clicks and also includes test subjects such as snowmen and animals. This app brightens kids and make them learn how to make things colorful with time until they become perfect.It even has parental tools which lets parent design more templates when the kids gets tired of practicing the old ones.

My ABCD – This also is a free application which entertains kids by teaching them basic alphabets and  counting skills.It also include brightly colored animations to get kids attention, its supports games like puzzle and mazes and also allows kids to play drums,xylophone,strings with brass instruments and also make them familiar with the sounds.

Tux Paint Stamps –  This application consists of various special stamps for kids to have a fun learning exercise. It consists of stamps of various kind such as Animal,people,cars,boats,flowers,planes,houses which makes drawing experience favorable and interesting for kids.

Kids Abacus – Kids Abacus really is a must game app on PC for kids as its a free mathematical app developed to teach kids to count from 1 to 100. It has a maths worksheet which is easy to use. It also has audio visual and multimedia features to help kids learn basic counting skills, as such develops their IQ.

Free games app download for kids at 4 and above 

 WorDict –  Wordict is a free game dictionary app. But its designed as a puzzle game which enables kids to assemble words out of a continuous increased pile of letter tiles.Its got a good graphics and also fun even adults can also try as its much fun because of its interactive and challenging features.

Tux Typing – This app is free and designed to teach kids how to type and make it fun for them. It has a very much good interface and easy to navigate. It has lots of different levels of challenges and also develops typing skills of kids and also supports other languages apart from English such as French,Russian etc.

Cool Math Game – This game consists of various maths app but a little advanced and works well with Windows7. This mathematical learning game lets kids solve as many mathematical problems as they can. It has a good user interface with basic graphics and also very easy to use.

Math Science Quest – This game is quite bit an advanced math game which teaches and helps kids learn the basic reasoning skills essential for scientific method, It is a puzzle game which can be played individually or as multi player. I must say this game is highly recommended for children ages 7 and above, even adults can also
take equal benefit of learning maths and science with this game.

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